The communist Chinese just scored a major win thanks to this Biden official

China is undoubtedly the biggest foreign threat to the United States these days. 

Whether it is rapid territorial expansion, swift militarization, or industrial rise, the communist Chinese are getting closer to total world conquest by the day. 

And the communist Chinese just scored a major win thanks to this Biden official.

China is on the march, and Joe Biden is paving the way

For years now, Communist China has posed a major threat to the United States as well as the peace of the entire world. 

But based on what the Biden administration is saying, you would think that the Communist regime in China was practically a girl scout troop. 

On CBS this past week, Joe Biden’s ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, foolishly claimed that “China has always stood strong for the sovereignty of nations, and the integrity of borders. This goes against what they have said that they believe in.” 

She then went on to add, “We will continue to engage with the Chinese here in the Security Council. But what Beijing should understand from the President’s statement, we’ve not had a change of policy. We still support the One China policy.” 

These are statements that you would expect to hear on Chinese state television, not from the United States’ own UN ambassador. 

China is undoubtedly delighted by these statements, as they show that Joe Biden is completely complacent with their quest for world domination. 

Why Americans should be very alarmed by these dangerous remarks

It is fair to say that the China problem gets worse and worse by the day. 

Not only are deadly diseases coming out of this nation by the year, but they are actively engaged in ethnic cleansing as well as other abhorrent human rights violations. 

To make matters worse, the Chinese are engaging in dubious tactics to devalue currencies, and use slave labor to produce many of their domestic goods, thus upending the world economy. 

Donald Trump was completely right to paint China as a hostile nation, which of course sent the far-left into a tizzy. 

What statements like this from the Biden administration prove is that Joe Biden, the Left, and China all have one thing in common. 

And that is common and deeply-rooted disdain for the United States and the American way of life.  

There is simply no other way of explaining it. 

Starting a war with China is not a good option right now. 

But glorifying them and claiming they respect borders is also very stupid. 

Over the years, China has invaded many peaceful nations such as Tibet, and more recently they have illegally imposed their will on the former British territory of Hong Kong.

There is nothing friendly about China, and the more America bows down to these brutal and despotic Communists, the more they will continue to eat our lunch. 

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