The co-star of Tom Cruise’s latest blockbuster movie just made a shocking confession about Hollywood that has studio executives terrified

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The entertainment industry is in flux.

The business is changing while woke politics are leading to an inferior product.

And the co-star of Tom Cruise’s latest blockbuster movie just made a shocking confession about Hollywood that has studio executives terrified.

Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part One has slightly underperformed at the box office, but has still drawn in $373 million worldwide thus far.

The performance of the seventh installment in the blockbuster franchise perhaps underscores deeper problems in the film industry.

Both the WGA and SAG-AFTRA are on strike – the writers and actors have not been on strike at the same time since 1960.

And actress Hayley Atwell, who co-starred in the new Mission: Impossible film, admitted that the film industry is not exactly in a healthy place.

Writers and actors are on strike for several reasons, one of them being the future of artificial intelligence.

Studio executives are keen to use AI in the filmmaking process, whether it be to write scripts, or even to replace human actors altogether.

In fact, some actors have accused the studios of attempting to secure actor’s image and likeness rights in perpetuity in order to use AI to generate digital replicas of actors to be used in as many movies as they please at no additional cost.

“There is an illusion that if you are seen on telly then you’re fine, but for most people that is not the case,” Atwell told Deadline. “This is not an industry that is thriving. It is an industry on its knees.”

The industry is “on its knees” for many reasons, not least of which is the innovations that have come with the internet and other technology, which has given consumers way more options than being required to go see a movie in theaters – studios make the bulk of their money at the box office, even in a streaming world.

Furthermore, with the rise of streaming services – of which most studios, or at least their parent companies, own significant interest in – many studios have cut down the amount of time between a film’s theatrical release and it’s availability on streaming platforms, pay-per-view, and other sales.

It’s also not like anyone is buying VHS or DVDs anymore.

Hollywood’s entire business model has collapsed, which means that studios have been forced to either make several small bets on relatively low-cost movies they know will generate at least enough revenue to break even, or make a few big bets on summer blockbusters.

As a result, movie-goers have become fatigued by the idea of paying to see the umpteenth film in The Avengers series.

Of course, none of that even begins to touch on the impact COVID lockdowns had in crippling box office – audiences have still yet to fully return to the theaters.

And it also fails to address the major disconnect that exists between Hollywood’s efforts to go all-in on woke extremism, and what consumers actually want to spend money on.

Working class Americans are sick of corporations forcing woke extremism down their throats.

As for AI, it could degrade the product even more, especially if studios achieve in using it to secure actors’ image and likeness as previously mentioned.

Acclaimed actor Brian Cox, who recently finished a run as the co-star of the hit HBO series Succession, said that a fellow actor was told by a studio in “no uncertain terms that they can do what the f*ck they like” with his image.

“That is a completely unacceptable position and is a position we should be fighting against,” the actor added. “That is the worst aspect. The wages are one thing but the worst aspect is what AI can do to us.”

If people are sick of Hollywood now, just wait until robots are writing and performing all the movies.

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