The Branch COVIDians aren’t going to let their pandemic powers slip away so easily

The pandemic divided Americans more than ever before.

And it led to the latest economic crisis, with a little help from the Federal Reserve printing presses and “Biden bucks” handed out freely to blue states.

But as the nation eases out of the pandemic, the Branch COVIDians aren’t going to let their pandemic powers slip away so easily.

“Long COVID” is not just a health condition for Americans

When one hears talk about “long COVID,” the reference is usually made in medical terms.

But each and every American is dealing with ongoing effects of the pandemic.

Or, more accurately, the heavy-handed government policies that sprang out of the pandemic.

Citizen surveillance increased.

Freedom of movement was restricted like never before.

Mandatory quarantines and lockdowns became the norm.

Travel restrictions became the norm.

Onerous regulations on businesses became the norm.

Adults and children alike were treated as second-class citizens –  or worse, grandma killers – if they removed their masks in public.

Personal liberty became the latest victim of pandemic policies.

The government response to the virus was aggressive and threatening, to say the least.

They quickly used the pandemic as an excuse for all sorts of unprecedented emergency authorizations.

And many of these policies remain in place – and Americans are paying dearly for it.

The impact of personal freedom on other aspects of life

Another victim of pandemic-era policies was economic freedom.

Along with overreaching government lockdowns came massive government spending and dollars flooding the market like never before.

This led to additional economic disruptions like slowed economic growth and rampant inflation. 

And lockdowns did not just hurt the wallet – it hurt the head, too.

Many Americans are dealing with psychological effects from pandemic-era policies.

Anxiety, depression, crime rates, and drug overdoses all increased tremendously.

While the government will blame the pandemic for all of our woes, the authoritarian policies severely impacted Americans in many different ways.

The struggle against authoritarianism is tougher than ever

With more freedom comes more economic growth.

More economic growth leads to more prosperity and less poverty.

With the erosion of freedoms out of pandemic-era policies, there is also more erosion to economic security and overall quality of life.

Americans are unhealthy and stressed out.

Americans need to stand up to corrupt government overreach and intrusions, especially in volatile times.

History often repeats itself.

The government’s reaction to 9/11 gave us TSA and NSA overreach with authoritarians claiming it was needed to stop terrorism.

Now Branch COVIDians used the pandemic as an excuse to erode personal freedoms and civil liberties.

Just like airports changed after 9/11, don’t expect life to go back to how things were before the pandemic.

The “new normal” is here to stay.

Unless we learn from the mistakes of the past and say, “Never again.”

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