The Bidens embarrassed themselves by pandering with one holiday celebration

Joe Biden has been notorious for gaffes and PR missteps throughout his career.

They have only gotten worse in old age.

Now the Bidens embarrassed themselves by pandering with one holiday celebration.

Democrats constantly humiliate themselves by attempting to play identity politics and pander to different groups, particularly black voters.

That’s why Hillary Clinton pulled out a bottle of hot sauce when she sat for an interview with the popular New York radio show The Breakfast Club.

When she got called out by a co-host for shamelessly pandering, she sheepishly responded, “Is it working?”

Now Joe and Jill Biden are pandering by celebrating Kwanzaa.

This is cringeworthy on multiple fronts.

First, the idea that the Bidens know anything about or celebrate Kwanzaa is absurd.

Second, Kwanzaa is a fake holiday invented by a violent Marxist named Ron Karenga in the 1960s.

Townhall reported that “Karenga, a violent Marxist figure in the 1960s and sadistic torturer of women, also co-founded the paramilitary United Slaves group, which was considered rival to and more radical than the militant Black Panthers . . . [I]n 1971, Karenga was sentenced to prison on counts of felonious assault and false imprisonment for torturing two women because he believed the victims, who were dissident United Slaves, had attempted to kill him with ‘crystals’ in his food and water.”

Kwanzaa has no roots in African culture.

It was created by a nutcase who might have been a fed, which is why even many hardcore leftists have disavowed Kwanzaa.

Far-left site argued the “Kwaanza holiday is inseparable from the career and persona of its inventor, Ron Karenga, now a tenured professor in California. Back in the day, Karenga headed up an organization called US. As a tool of COINTELPRO, the federal counterintelligence program directed at movement organizations, Karenga’s US organization murdered 2 leading members of the Black Panther Party in Los Angeles, Alprentice ‘Bunchy’ Carter and John Huggins, and 2 more in San Diego, Sylvester Bell and John Savage.”

That’s right – Karenga is a tenured professor of Africana Studies at Cal State Long Beach.

Nobody is too radical and unhinged for the Left.

Kwanzaa is a nonsense holiday invented by a far-left radical and/or fed, yet now it’s being promoted by the Bidens in the White House.

It’s time to stop pretending that Kwanzaa is a real holiday that a large number of people celebrate when it is not.

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