The Biden White House went scorched earth after House Republicans asked one thing of the Biden family

Screenshot via Youtube, CSPAN

The Biden regime is desperately trying to keep the Biden family’s drama under wraps. 

But the GOP are determined to reveal their true colors. 

And now the Biden White House went scorched earth after House Republicans asked one thing of the Biden family.

In a dramatic escalation of political warfare, the White House is now locked in a fierce battle with House Republicans over their relentless pursuit of an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. 

The confrontation reached a boiling point as the White House demanded the withdrawal of GOP subpoenas targeting Biden family members and regime officials, labeling the entire inquiry as “illegitimate.”

In an exclusive letter obtained by NBC News, White House counsel Richard Sauber lambasted the GOP’s requests as “unjustified,” and rather ironically, accused them of “weaponizing” Congress’ power to attack political opponents. 

Sauber, addressing House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer (R-KY) and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), criticized the subpoenas aimed at private citizens, including the deceased son’s widow and her sister, calling them an abuse of Congressional authority.

The GOP’s investigation into the Biden family’s alleged influence-peddling scheme, spearheaded by Rep. Comer, has unleashed a barrage of subpoenas and interview requests, honing in on several family members and associates, including Hunter Biden; President Biden’s younger brother, James; Hunter’s wife, Melissa Cohen; and Hallie Biden, who was married to President Biden’s oldest son, Beau, prior to his death, and then turned around and had an affair with the married Hunter after his passing.

Sauber argued that these demands crossed ethical boundaries, emphasizing the supposed baselessness of the allegations against the President after a year of extensive investigations.

The contentious subpoenas were fueled by the revelation of thousands of pages of bank records linked to Hunter and James.

While details emerged about interest-free loans from Biden to his brother, the GOP claims of suspicious business dealings lack definitive documentation.

The impeachment inquiry’s status and the potential for articles of impeachment remain uncertain.

House Speaker Mike Johnson, once a vocal critic of the Biden family’s business practices, has adopted a more measured approach since assuming the gavel. 

Johnson emphasized the gravity of impeachment as a Congressional power, and pledged not to predetermine the outcome, opting to follow the evidence.

Despite Speaker Johnson’s cautious stance, some House Republicans have expressed concerns, urging a more aggressive approach to the inquiry. 

Johnson’s recent statement commending the work of Comer, Jordan, and Ways and Means Chairman Rep. Jason Smith (R-MO) suggests that the investigation is approaching a critical juncture.

Sauber’s letter on Friday forcefully rejected the merit of the impeachment inquiry, accusing Republicans of distortion and falsehoods. 

Sauber’s scathing rebuke questioned the GOP’s motives and commitment to truth.

But the GOP contends that they are the only ones actually committed to true transparency, while the White House just tries desperately to hide the President’s wrongdoings.

While Sauber’s call for withdrawing subpoenas is unlikely to alter the GOP’s course, the clash between the White House and Republicans intensifies. 

In response, Comer accused President Biden of lying and reiterated the demand for more information, emphasizing the GOP’s determination to hold Biden accountable.

With Hunter Biden scheduled for a closed-door, transcribed interview on December 13, and James Biden asked to appear a week earlier, the impeachment inquiry appears poised for a decisive phase. 

The political battlefield is set, with both sides digging in for a protracted and contentious struggle. 

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