The Biden regime’s secret plan to make Kamala Harris more likable has been exposed. And boy is it a doozy.

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One thing that has become crystal clear over the past few years is that the public absolutely can’t get stand Kamala Harris.

Her persistently low approval ratings prove that she isn’t connecting with the majority of Americans.

Now the Biden regime’s secret plan to make Kamala Harris more likable has been exposed. And boy is it a doozy.

Vice President Kamala Harris knows that she hasn’t made the sale to the American public.

The problem has existed for as long as she has been on the national scene.

Is more Kamala Harris really better?

As far back as two years ago, dozens of Vice President Kamala Harris’ aides, donors, activists, and Democrat bigwigs lamented that she’s “not being adequately prepared or positioned” for success.

At the time, Harris herself reportedly told those in her inner circle that she felt sidelined and constrained in what she was able to do politically by the Biden regime.

But after several different roll outs, her approval ratings never improved.

Harris’ tendency to utter various word salads has become infamous, and calls into question whether she’s really as sharp as her small number of super fans in the media would have everyone believe.

Earlier this month, Harris addressed the media with her latest head-scratching iteration, this time relating to community banks.

“And so for years we have worked to expand investment in community banks because, you see, community banks specialize in providing loans and financial assistance to small business owners, in particular those in overlooked and underserved communities,” Harris said. “And as the name suggests, community banks are in the community.”

Riveting stuff.

Let Kamala be Kamala?

Now, in yet another effort to reboot her historically unpopular Vice Presidency, Politico assures us that “the rockiness” that has plagued Harris is in the past, and the so-called “real Kamala” is ready to shine.

Politico set the scene describing how the Vice President is now finally at ease as she prepares to talk with hundreds of people off the cuff about gun safety.

The media outlet claimed Harris is now comfortably being herself, and asserted that it is still possible for her to make a good “second impression.”

What Politico didn’t mention, though, is the fact that the Vice President has already tried and failed – several times, in fact – to make a good second impression on most Americans.

Clearly a legend in her own mind, Harris believes she’s no different now than when she was when she, as Politico put it, was a “star prosecutor, ascendant political talent and even the future of the Democratic Party.”

“You could have followed me around in Iowa [ahead of 2020],” Harris claimed. “You would have seen the same thing four years ago. It’s always who I’ve been. So I can’t get into people’s heads about why they characterize things as being one way or another. It’s not as though I’ve just found myself. I’ve always been here and never went away.”

She’s certainly right that she’s consistent.

Her approval ratings have been consistently underwater for the last two years.

It’s often said that politicians must hold themselves in unusually high esteem to believe that they alone can do a better job running the country than the millions of Americans they want to control.

It seems like the Vice President thinks of herself that way.

That the voters seem to think otherwise presents an opportunity for her political opponents, should Joe Biden ultimately decide against running for reelection.

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