The Biden regime is scrambling after this secret meeting between Kamala Harris and George Soros’ heir was exposed

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Democrats want working class Americans to believe that only rich Republicans use their resources to push the American political landscape in their preferred direction.

But of course to believe that Americans would have to literally ignore everything they’ve seen with their own two eyes and every bit of basic common sense.

And now the Biden regime is scrambling after this secret meeting between Kamala Harris and George Soros’ heir was exposed.

In a revelation that is sending shockwaves through conservative circles, Vice President Kamala Harris opened the doors of her private residence to none other than George Soros’ heir, Alex Soros, earlier this year.

The White House visitor logs from May 2023 confirmed this stunning encounter, leaving many wondering what these prominent woke extremist Democrat are up to behind closed doors.

The meeting, which occurred on May 31, saw Alex visiting Harris’ private residence, listed in official documents as “1st Floor VPR.”

But it wasn’t just Soros – he was also accompanied by a star-studded cast of supermodel Savannah Huitema, and seven other influential Democrat donors.

The secrecy surrounding this gathering is raising eyebrows, as details about where and when it took place were initially concealed.

Soros himself couldn’t resist boasting about this rendezvous, taking to X on June 6 to post a picture of himself with the Vice President.

“Great to catch up with Madame Vice President, Kamala Harris!” Soros wrote, setting off alarm bells amongst freedom-loving Americans, and even catching the attention of Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN).

Many Americans are now questioning the extent of the Soros family’s power and control over the Biden regime, and Democrat politics in general.

This meeting, along with the 21 other documented interactions between Alex and members of the Biden regime, paints a picture of close ties and collaboration.

Political operative Logan Dobson added a pointed question to the mix, asking whether it was “still offensive to say the Soros family has an outsize influence on Democratic politics?”

The Soros family’s involvement in Democrat circles has been a source of controversy for years, with many concerned about the implications for the future of American politics.

Alex Soros doesn’t shy away from his political connections.

His Instagram feed is a virtual who’s who of top Democrats in the House and Senate, showcasing dozens of pictures with influential figures from 2018 to 2022.

These visual confirmations of his political relationships have only fueled speculation about the true extent of his influence.

Soros’s visit to Harris’ private residence is particularly intriguing when considered in the context of his takeover of Open Society Foundations, the global woke extremist political network his father built and has invested hundreds of millions – if not billions – of dollars into.

This transition marked a significant shift in the Soros family’s influence on the political landscape.

In many ways, Alex Soros is seen as “even more radically leftist than his father,” suggesting that his interactions with key Democratic figures are part of a broader agenda to push the Party further to the extreme Left.

For working class Americans, this revelation raises serious concerns about the direction of the Democrat Party, and the influence of prominent donors like George Soros and his heir.

What are they plotting behind closed doors? What policies and agendas might they be advancing that could reshape the political landscape in ways that don’t align with conservative values?

The meeting between Kamala Harris and Alex Soros is a stark reminder that political influence can often be hidden from public view, and money certainly plays a part.

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