The Biden regime is scrambling after Ted Cruz exposed one taxpayer-funded group’s despicable attacks on conservatives

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Many conservatives have gotten the sense that the federal government has been weaponized against them in recent years.

And there have been plenty of incidents to support what would have once seemed to be an “out there” assumption.

And now the Biden regime is scrambling after Ted Cruz exposed one taxpayer-funded group’s despicable attacks on conservatives.

A slanderous accusation against conservatives

The Media Research Center (MRC), a conservative media watchdog, obtained documents that are said to reveal that the Biden Department of Homeland Security made a grant of $352,109 to the University of Dayton’s PREVENTS-OH program.

According to Fox News, this program was designed to fight “domestic extremism” and “hate movements” under the Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention (TVTP) Grant Program.

Bolstering this claim is that the University website says the PREVENTS-OH program is “funded by the Department of Homeland Security under the Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention (TVTP) Grant Program,” and recognizes the threat of domestic extremists and hate movements.

Dayton sent its slanderous “Pyramid of Far-Right Radicalization,” which displays organizations such as Fox News, The Heritage Foundation, the Republican Party, and the Make America Great Again movement, as part of its grant application.

Also included were hate groups, like the neo-Nazi militia group The Base, and Nazi publication The Daily Stormer, seemingly comparing them to the GOP, Fox News, and The Heritage Foundation.

All of this was enough to make Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) livid.

Your tax dollars hard at work…. for one party

Calling for accountability from the Republican-controlled House, Cruz blasted the use of taxpayer dollars for such Democrat propaganda.

“And the Biden DHS said, ‘Oh, that sounds great to us,’ and was happy to spend your and my tax dollars supporting a group that apparently sees no difference between the RNC, between the Heritage Foundation, between Fox News and Nazis,” Cruz said. “That is, it’s the latest example of the Biden administration being more than happy to weaponize the federal government to use the powers of the federal government to target you.”

“It is not they’re engaged in propaganda and the propaganda is saying that anyone right of center is a terrorist, anyone right of center is a Nazi,” he continued. “Anyone right of center is a Klansman, it is the vicious lie that the radical left pushes often, but it is not look, if they want to say that that’s fine. But why is the government funding this? They’re funding it because they want to give fuel to the fire attacking those they view as enemies of the regime.”

Why tax dollars should be funding this is an excellent question, and ought to be one that the House Judiciary Committee ought to feverishly investigate.

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