The Biden regime is in chaos after the Supreme Court handed working class Americans a huge victory

Photo by Joe Ravi, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia,

The EPA’s unfettered control over landowners may finally be over.

Conservatives have been trying to limit the power of the EPA and restore rights back to landowners across America.

And now the Biden regime is in chaos after the Supreme Court handed working class Americans a huge victory.

The feds are out of control

Thanks to generations of horrible governance and court rulings, the power of the federal government is nearly unstoppable these days.

Nearly every aspect of your life is controlled by some federal agency.

The food you eat cannot hit the market’s shelf unless some federal bureaucrat gives the stamp of approval first.

For the majority of companies, you cannot even work unless you provide them with papers you can only obtain through a federal agency.

Working class families across America can barely pay their electric bills to keep their air conditioning running because numerous federal agencies have added so many taxes and regulations onto power companies in the name of their radical climate change agenda.

You’d be hard pressed to find an area of your life which is not within the federal government’s control.

And one area that the government has nearly complete control over is Americans’ supposed private property.

The EPA gets hammered by SCOTUS

For years now, the EPA has had complete control over what happens to millions of Americans’ properties simply because the land has but a droplet of water on it.

The EPA has so much control over your property, they can actually even throw you in federal prison for attempting to dig a small pond in your own yard without receiving the proper permit or following the thousands of regulations they’ve unilaterally implemented.

And that’s not an exaggeration.

Joe Robertson, a seventy-eight-year-old veteran from Montana, was thrown in a federal prison for 18 months after he dug a few one-foot deep ponds on his property to help supply the local fire departments with water.

Basically, the EPA has full control over anything that is in proximity to a “navigable waterway.”

And up until this week, that included wetlands with no body of water in sight.

So one Idaho landowner challenged this outlandish federal regulatory rule.

The Sackett family bought a plot of land to build their dream home back in 2004, and in 2005, they began prepping the plot for their future home.

But out of nowhere, the EPA demanded that they stop filling in part of the property that was a wetland with dirt and remove the dirt they’d already put in place, or face a $40,000 per day fine for having dirt in an area the government designated a wetland.

The family fought the EPA in court, and took their case all the way to the Supreme Court.

And in a shocking blow to the EPA, the Biden regime, and authoritarian Democrats nationwide, the Supreme Court ruled this past week in Sackett v. EPA that the federal agency has no control over wetlands not connected to a navigable waterway.

In short, Justice Samuel Alito wrote in the Court’s opinion that “wetlands that are separate from traditional navigable waters cannot be considered part of those waters, even if they are located nearby.”

The Court correctly reigned in the power of the EPA to only control “bodies of navigable water like rivers, lakes, and oceans.”

This is a huge win for American landowners as they no longer have to worry about the EPA throwing them in prison for putting some dirt on a dried up wetland.

Hopefully, this tradition continues and the federal government’s power is once again limited.

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