The Biden regime is in a panic after this Democrat pollster revealed one shocking truth about so-called “Bidenomics”

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President Joe Biden once again attempted to pull the wool over the eyes of the American people by rebranding his economic failures as “Bidenomics.”

Now he’s starting to regret that decision.

And the Biden regime is in a panic after this Democrat pollster revealed one shocking truth about so-called “Bidenomics.”

President Joe Biden is struggling to win the trust of the American people when it comes to his economic stewardship.

The Biden regime unveiled its so-called “Bidenomics” rebrand in July, proudly embracing a term Republicans used derisively to describe the President’s failed economic agenda.

The Biden regime’s aim was to somehow turn the reality of Biden’s failed economic agenda into perceived “economic accomplishments,” but it seems working class Americans aren’t buying it.

According to a report from The New York Times, recent polling by Democrat polling organization Navigator Research found that just “25 percent of Americans support Mr. Biden’s major actions, such as the Inflation Reduction Act, but still think the president is doing a poor job handling the economy.”

This group “tends to be disproportionately younger than 40 and is more likely to be Black or Latino — voters critical to Democratic victories,” The Times added.

Sure, the economy is doing okay in some areas, but inflation remains elevated and interest rates are soaring, causing drastic effects on home buying.

And it’s not just about the facts – it’s also about communication.

The Times’ report added that Democrats are frustrated that even the small successes of the current economy are poorly explained or demonstrated by the Biden regime – maybe because they’re difficult to see, even with rose-colored glasses.

President Biden recently attempted to showcase his economic successes during a White House speech celebrating the latest jobs report.

He credited his economic plan, which includes investments in infrastructure, semiconductor manufacturing, and climate-related industries, along with price caps on insulin medication.

However, his messaging has been undermined by the GOP’s honest portrayal of “Bidenomics” as a recipe for inflation, taxation, and failure.

Even former President Donald Trump joined the fray, stating that one of the most crucial issues of the campaign would be rescuing the country from the “burning wreckage of Bidenomics.”

Behind the battle lies a significant question: will the economy remain a decisive factor in future Presidential elections?

Some Democrats argue that other issues, such as abortion rights and Trump’s influence over the GOP, can overshadow economic concerns.

However, the bulk of Biden’s campaign advertising focuses on his economic record, emphasizing that his policies are a work in progress.

While the rate of inflation has slowed somewhat, it remains a major drag on Biden’s economic approval ratings.

“Bidenomics” has a long way to go before winning over the American people.

In essence, “Bidenomics” may not be the right selling point for the president.

The American people weren’t fooled by “Build Back Better,” when nothing was actually better, and they see right through “Bidenomics,” too.

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