The Biden family may be in serious trouble after Hunter Biden made a major confession that debunks Joe Biden’s claims

Screenshot via Youtube, ABC News

The press is obsessed with telling the American people that Donald Trump is a liar.

Joe Biden gets the opposite treatment and most of the time they lie on the President’s behalf.

And now the Biden family may be in serious trouble after Hunter Biden made a major confession that debunks Joe Biden’s claims.

Hunter finally confesses

Hunter Biden just debunked one of the biggest lies of President Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign.

The embattled President repeatedly told the American people that no one in his family ever “made money from China.”

But now, Hunter is spilling the beans, and his father will not be happy.

Hunter admitted to Federal Judge Maryellen Noreika that he received more than $600,000 from a company that is connected to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as he was pleading not guilty in the Delaware court.

This was his first appearance, and the judge rejected a plea deal.

Prosecutors said in court that the President’s son received $664,000 from “Chinese infrastructure investment company,” China Energy Fund Committee (CEFC), and Hunter admitted that he “started a company called Hudson West… [and his] partner was associated” with CEFC.

The judge pressed President Biden’s son to find out who his partner at Hudson West was.

The hunt is on for the “unknown Biden”

When asked to identify the partner, Hunter quickly obliged.

“I don’t know how to spell his name, Yu Jianming is the chairman” of Hudson West,” Hunter said.

The judge asked whether they had spoken about the company in previous hearings, and he responded, “I believe so, yes, your honor.” 

The House Oversight Committee responded to the news with an image of the court transcript and an infographic showing the Bidens’ intricate web of business partners.

The graphic depicted two channels of payments to the Biden family, and implicated Hunter, President Biden’s brother and sister-in-law, James and Sara Biden, Biden’s daughter-in-law, Hallie, as well as a fifth “unknown Biden.”

Congressional investigators believe Hunter was paid by two subsidiaries of Hudson West V, and two subsidiaries of Chinese State Energy HK Limited.

They assert that, while James and Sara received payments from the same sources, Hallie and the “Unknown Biden” only received payments through State Energy HK Limited.

All of the payments led back to one man, though – CEFC Chairman Ye Jianming.

Hunter expressed well wishes on behalf of “the entire Biden family”

A Fox News article published in 2020 covered an email that was sent to CEFC’s Zhao Runlong, asking him to help “translate my letter to Chairman Ye,” and encouraged Runlong to “extend my warmest best wishes and that I hope to see the Chairman soon.”

In the letter, Hunter expressed regret for “missing [the Chairman] on [his] last visit to the United States.”

He sent well wishes on behalf of “the entire Biden family as well as [his] partners,” and told the Ye that they “are all hoping to see [Ye in Washington] soon, or in Shanghai.”

Joe Biden faced a lot of scrutiny over his family’s business dealings in China during his 2020 campaign for President.

Now, it appears that his claim that his “son has not made money in” China was an outright lie, and Hunter Biden himself is now proving it.

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