Texas Governor Greg Abbott is refusing to back down on illegal immigration

The simple truth is that a nation cannot exist without its borders. 

And America’s southern border has turned into a full-blown crisis, with thousands of illegal aliens pouring into America every day. 

But Texas Governor Greg Abbott is refusing to back down on illegal immigration. 

Why every American should be alarmed about the crisis at the southern border

It almost goes without saying that America is in very rough shape right now. 

The economy is in shambles, crime has reached a fever pitch, and America’s enemies are not taking the people who run this nation seriously. 

But the most concerning crisis America is facing is at the southern border with Mexico. 

As you read this, illegal aliens are pouring into America without any form of documentation. 

Many of these unknown migrants have already been identified as violent terrorists and cartel members. 

That is why many of America’s border towns have become hotbeds for drug use and crime. 

Unsurprisingly, Texans are fed up and Texas Governor Greg Abbott is doing something about it. 

Over the last several months, Governor Abbott has sent a powerful message to Washington, D.C., and many other liberal-run cities by sending busloads of these illegal aliens to their so-called “sanctuary cities.” 

Well, it turns out that these socialist politicians are learning that allowing massive amounts of illegal aliens into your city causes a boatload of unintended problems and burdens to taxpayers.  

Go figure. 

But Gov. Abbott clapped back about this hypocrisy on Sean Hannity the other day when he announced, “We have more buses headed their way as we speak right now. 

He added, “But, Sean, this just shows the hypocrisy of these liberal leaders up in the northeast who think, well, that border crisis created by Joe Biden, that’s fine as long as it’s Texas that has to deal with it.”

“We’re going to keep sending those buses up there until they fully understand and most importantly, Sean, until the Biden administration does its job to enforce the laws concerning the border,” he concluded.

Once again, Governor Greg Abbott is spot on. 

It is very easy for far-left politicians in New England to claim how great illegal immigration is for America but as soon as they start overwhelming their communities, the tone changes drastically. 

A prime example is New York City Mayor Eric Adams who recently claimed that the influx of illegal aliens to New York City is causing massive strain to taxpayers and the public school systems. 

Perhaps he should have thought about this before laying out the welcome mat for them. 

But at the end of the day, the task of protecting America’s border falls on the shoulders of Joe Biden and the federal government. 

Unfortunately, Joe Biden will not even admit that there is a crisis at the border, so any meaningful action seems very unlikely at this point, or anytime soon. 

It will take some serious changes in Washington, D.C. if there is any hope for change at the southern border. 

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