Ted Cruz just destroyed Joe Biden’s immigration policy with just seven words

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have caused America’s illegal immigration problem to escalate into a full-scale humanitarian crisis.

Under their watch, levels of illegal immigration are reaching record highs and unprecedented levels of crime, violence, and human suffering are rising right along with it.

So much so that Ted Cruz just destroyed Biden’s immigration policy with just seven words.

Open Border Biden’s mistakes and mismanagement

Due to the record high levels of illegal aliens entering into the country, Republicans on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee recently issued a report which rips the Biden-Harris administration for their failed open border policies.

One of the leading causes for the spike in illegal immigration, they argue, is because of the Biden-Harris administration’s decision to eliminate the “Remain in Mexico” program put in place by President Trump.

Another failure these Senate Republicans point out has been the Biden-Harris administration’s seemingly hostile relationship with the Border Patrol.

Senator Cruz, In particular, chastised the administration for its plans to punish the Border Patrol agents involved with the horse reins and Haitian migrant incident.

However, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Republicans also cited other examples of the Biden administration’s seemingly hostile actions towards the Border Patrol and other similar law enforcement entities.

These Senators also argued that the recent prosecutorial discretion guidelines the Biden administration issued, which instructs law enforcement to only target illegal aliens that pose a safety or security threat to the country, not only further incentivized illegal immigration into the country but also undermined the rule of law.

And furthermore, these Republicans contend that the Biden administration’s announced decision to repeal Title 42 was yet another mistake that has further led to the increased levels of illegal immigration.

Biden’s policies are Cruz’n for a bruis’n

After the Republicans on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee released their report, Senator Ted Cruz, one of the authors of the report, held a press conference in which he blasted Biden’s policies.

The good Senator from Texas called Joe Biden and Kamala Harris “last mile of the human trafficking network.”

But Senator Cruz didn’t stop there, he continued by saying, “Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ open border policies are producing suffering, chaos and misery. They are producing Americans being killed by the scourge of fentanyl. They are producing little boys and little girls being repeatedly sexually assaulted by human traffickers. They are producing crime and death. And Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ open border policies are making your families less safe.”

“Kamala, come to the Rio Grande Valley. Joe Biden, come to the Rio Grande Valley, Joe Biden, come to the Biden cages,” the enraged Texan continued.

And before concluding his press conference, Senator Cruz went on to attack the Fake News Media for their atrocious coverage of conditions at the migrant detention centers during the Trump administration.

Sen. Cruz said, “We’ve seen Democrat hypocrites go on and on about kids in cages when President Trump was president. They never mentioned that Barack Obama built the cages and the cages are bigger and more full under Joe Biden.”

Of course Ted Cruz is absolutely right, especially since he represents the state with the largest sections of the southern border.

The Biden-Harris administration’s open border policies are directly impacting the lives and livelihoods of his constituents.

And as a result of these policies America, and Texas in particular, is experiencing historic levels of violence, drug trafficking, human trafficking, and crime.

Unfortunately, it does not appear that Biden’s border crisis is going to end anytime soon.

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