Taylor Lorenz lost her mind over the latest CDC guidelines

“Fifteen days to flatten the curve” turned into two-years to destroy the economy and throw the country into chaos making it right for “systems change.” 

But for some of the most radical Democrats out there – including ones in the Fake News Media – the pandemic paranoia hasn’t gone on long enough. 

And now woke “journalist” Taylor Lorenz is losing her mind over the CDC’s latest COVID guidelines. 

Meltdowns masked as journalism

Taylor Lorenz is a Washington Post columnist, supposedly covering technology and online culture.

What of her time is spent writing articles and social media posts complaining about how terrible America and Republicans are. 

And though she enjoys the benefits of being a public figure – she has had literal meltdowns when some Americans call her out on her brand of fake news “journalism.” 

While she has no problem doxxing people she views as political opponents – like Libs of TikTok, for example – earlier this year lost control of her emotions and bodily functions while discussing people criticizing her “work.” 

Lorenz complains about the Right “harassing” her, while she does the same to the victims of her column – as she did with several social media vloggers who weren’t friendly enough to Amber Heard in their coverage of the Johnny Depp lawsuit. 

But Lorenz has something new to complain about. 

New CDC COVID guidelines

The Centers for Disease Control has finally released new COVID-19 guidelines – and Lorenz finds them simply unacceptable. 

The new CDC guidelines lift mandatory quarantines for individuals exposed to the virus, end screening people with no symptoms, and eliminate testing recommendations after potential exposure. 

Perhaps most importantly, the CDC no longer distinguishes between the vaccinated and unvaccinated.  

Cue the Lorenz social media meltdown. 

Lorenz loses her mind

The WaPo narrative-ist took to Twitter condemning the CDC for putting disabled people like her – that’s right, as you’ll see, she now is claiming to be disabled – in severe danger.

“Literally what is the plan for high risk/medically vulnerable and disabled people? Just let us die while the world marches on?? Like wtf,” the 30-something-year-old professional tweeted. 

That was just the beginning of her 280-characters per tweet tirade. 

“The same ppl complaining non stop abt the ‘mental health’ cost of lockdowns (even though we never had full lockdowns) & having to wear masks, are perfectly happy to force disabled ppl to stay locked away forever or keep an N95 glued to their face every time they step into public,” Lorenz continued. 

You see, for Lorenz, the COVID restrictions didn’t go far enough, and the ones that are in place are ending too early. 

“Even if you wear an N95 everywhere, one way masking policies leave vulnerable ppl at risk. Say there’s a tiny gap in ur mask, u have to remove your mask at airport security, or take a sip of water. To say nothing of the countless other mitigation measures our leaders have ignored,” Lorenz lamented. 

“Disabled/medically vulnerable ppl shouldn’t have to risk their lives to participate in society, nor are most even given that choice. Disabled people also have to work, go to school, grocery shop, go to the doctor’s office. We are human beings in the world just like everyone else,” Lorenz cried. 

“As someone working in media who’s immunocompromised and medically vulnerable I really wish we as an industry hired more disabled writers and did more to center vulnerable people in our coverage, esp on COVID. What’s happening right now is so horrific on such a massive scale,” Lorenz finished. 

You’ll notice nowhere in her diatribe did Lorenz mention when she would approve of American-life going back to nowhere. 

Presumably the answer, based on her tweets, is never. 

Should COVID restrictions continue indefinitely?