Taxpayers in this deep blue state are furious over this latest corrupt Democrat scheme

Each and every day it seems, the radical left in America becomes more and more extreme, showing no shame or hesitation. 

This is also true of Democrat politicians who are willing to do absolutely anything to do the bidding of the extreme Leftist activists. 

But taxpayers in this deep blue state are now furious over this latest corrupt Democrat scheme. 

In blue states across America, taxpayers are being forced to fork over massive amounts of their hard-earned tax dollars to pay for the Left’s radical agenda. 

This is especially true in California, which has both notoriously high taxes and notoriously bloated social welfare programs. 

Gavin Newsom and his family are a case study in rampant political corruption

There is, of course, massive waste in the California state budget each and every year, and taxpayers are often expected to foot the bill for outlandish and ridiculous political projects. 

However, one program, in particular, is infuriating taxpayers all across the Golden State, and for good reason. 

The “Representation Project” is a nonprofit that creates nauseatingly Leftist documentaries such as Miss Representation, The Mask You Live In, The Great American Lie, and Fair Play, all designed to brainwash young adults and children into becoming radical left-wing agitators. 

Even worse, this nonprofit is run by none other than Jennifer Siebel Newsom, the wife of California Governor Gavin Newsom. 

In a report by Fox News, it was revealed that Jennifer Newsom’s nonprofit would charge schools anywhere from $49-$599 to screen her films, all at taxpayer expense.

Is it ‘Gender Justice’ or just gold for Gavin?

More specifically, Fox News  also reported “Siebel Newsom’s non-profit released four films, for which she is credited as a writer and director, advocating for ‘gender justice.’ Siebel Newsom’s ‘gender identity’ films are produced through her for-profit operation, Girls Club Entertainment, which is then licensed by the nonprofit The Representation Project, to public schools. The Representation Project claims that they fight “sexism through films education, research and activism.”

To make matters worse, in the film “The Mask You Live”, Newsom reportedly included images of naked or mostly naked women being slapped, handcuffed, and brutalized in pornographic videos. 

Forcing young students to sit through this inappropriate, unwatchable, far-left brainwashing is repulsive, especially when you consider that these films are directly benefitting the Newsom family financially. 

Democrats have developed an obsession with grooming children

This scheme involving the Representation Project ought to disgust every single taxpayer in the state of California. 

Schools are essentially being coerced into showing this disgusting smut for the sole purpose of lining the pockets of the Newsom family. 

This is the sort of behavior you would expect to see in North Korea, not the United States. 

What this proves, is that Gavin Newsom and his family are willing to do whatever it takes to advance their brand and their fortunes, even if it means ripping off taxpayers and exposing children to obscene images. 

California taxpayers deserve to know why schools are paying such an eye-popping amount for trashy films that only serve to harm the young minds that are being forced to watch them. 

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