Taxpayers are in panic mode after getting this horrible economic news

Joe Biden has managed to turn Donald Trump’s robust economy into a complete and total dumpster fire.

Just about every aspect of the economy has been soured by Joe Biden’s failed policies. 

But now taxpayers are in panic mode after getting this horrible economic news.

The economy is getting worse by the day under Joe Biden’s watch

When it comes to America’s domestic problems, few are as concerning and dire as the dismal state of the economy.

Whether it be record breaking inflation, rising prices, broken supply chains, or labor shortages, the economy is in shambles. 

Joe Biden’s reckless and completely incoherent economic policies are entirely to blame. 

But one major problem that is often glossed over by both Democrats and Republicans is the national debt.

Undoubtedly, the national debt is one of the most concerning issues facing the future of this nation. 

And just the other day, Joe Biden managed to break a new national debt record. 

According to data published by the United States Department of the Treasury, the national debt hit $31 trillion for the first time. 

That is the highest the national debt has ever been in this nation. 

The national debt has managed to reach this astronomical level after years of reckless spending and socialist policies.

Even with the national debt at record high levels, the Democrats are continuing to spend money like there is no tomorrow.

At this point, the Democrats are acting like teenage girls who managed to swipe their Dad’s credit card.

They have absolutely no concept of fiscal responsibility, which has been made abundantly clear with their comically named “Inflation Reduction Act.”

The truth is, Democrats do not care about the national debt, and many actually believe having a debt this high is a good thing, which is insanely stupid to say the least. 

The radical Left is going to spend America into oblivion

The truth is, every single American should be terrified by the Left’s out-of-control spending. 

That is because the burden will inevitably fall on the shoulders of taxpayers such as yourself. 

$31 trillion is an absolutely mind-boggling number, and it is no wonder that America is facing record inflation problems.

Before too long, America’s economy will completely collapse, and ordinary citizens and responsible taxpayers will be the ultimate victims. 

Financial and fiscal responsibility is not just sound policy, but it is crucial for the future and well-being of America. 

Socialism is an entirely failed policy, and Joe Biden’s socialist policies are completely destroying America. 

Americans deserve to live in a nation that is led by people who have an inkling of an idea of what they are doing.

Instead, Americans have leaders who are spending like there is no tomorrow.

Many politicians have no idea what it is like to be middle or lower income class and have gone through life spending money without consequence. 

Well, the chickens are coming home to roost and Americans are suffering as a result. 

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