Target is scrambling to avoid becoming Bud Light after one journalist exposed the company’s openly Satanic design partner

Photo by Ducky from Pexels

Target has officially become the latest casualty to woke ideology in the American marketplace.

The company is struggling to prove to consumers that it doesn’t just promote left-wing activism.

But now Target is scrambling to avoid becoming Bud Light after one journalist exposed the company’s openly Satanic design partner.

Target’s Pride department is in the national spotlight

Target came under fire this past week after the company issued a directive to its stores ordering them to downsize their “Pride departments,” and move them to the back of stores.

The company claimed that it’s not a result of a potential boycott, but rather due to “threats impacting [their] team members’ sense of safety and wellbeing while at work.”

While it may be true that they weren’t responding to an impending boycott, they may have created one by claiming such things are happening at a store level.

This could be an even bigger indicator that the company is facing a grassroots rebellion of their customers.

The changes that they made didn’t make their customers any happier, though, and instead simply put the company’s actions under a magnifying glass.

And now, independent researchers are taking their turn to dig into the company’s partners and the revelations are frightening.

Target designer called for anyone who disagrees with woke Left to be “eradicated”

Andy Ngo is an internet sleuth who has risen to fame by focusing on the woke left-wing outrage mob in the United States.

In the wake of the Target controversy, Ngo has pointed to one brand that the company is partnering with, British designer Abprallen, which has suggested that people should “eradicated” based on their level of allegiance to the radical left-wing agenda.

In a post on Twitter, he highlighted images from Abprallen’s Etsy page that tell people that so-called “transphobes” should be “maimed or murdered,” and the only way that transgender people can enjoy life is through the eradication of Republicans.

One of the products pictured on Ngo’s post shows a lapel pin shaped like a guillotine with the words “homophobe headrest” printed at the top.

The journalist said that the company “f—ked up by not vetting the artist they promoted.” 

It’s clear by other posts made by Abprallen’s founder that Target didn’t even look at the designer’s Etsy store or social media history before partnering with him.

Abprallen said that Satan is a symbol of “passion, pride, and liberty”

Abprallen’s founder, Eric Cullen is a transgender man who has an overt lust for dark ideologies, and even promotes satanism on his social media accounts.

He said that transphobes are “infuriated,” but he’s just a guy “drawing pictures.”

Cullen doesn’t keep his satanic beliefs from his Etsy customers at all.

In the description on the store page, he wrote, “Satan loves you and respects who you are,” adding that he has been “thinking a lot lately about” how the Satanic Temple is “so frequently misunderstood and demonized.”

He said that “satanists don’t actually believe in Satan” — notice the capitalized “S” coming from someone who says Satan isn’t real.

Cullen added that the devil is “merely used as a symbol for passion, pride, and liberty,” adding that to him, “Satan is hope, compassion, equality, and love.”

This is a prime example of the people Target is hoping to promote to your family while shopping.

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