Stacey Abrams went berserk after this Republican exposed her on national television

Stacey Abrams is the prototypical left-wing radical who makes every issue and debate about race rather than substance.

And despite the fact that her claims are repeatedly debunked and proven as conspiracy theories, Abrams keeps them coming.

But Stacey Abrams went berserk after this Republican exposed her on national television.

Abrams didn’t see this coming

Stacey Abrams rose to fame as the Democrat nominee in Georgia’s Governor’s race in 2018, as she routinely proved to be the most extreme, unhinged leftist running for office that year.

And when she ultimately lost that race, Abrams became more of a left-wing icon as she claimed “racism” and “voter suppression” had “stolen” the race from her and elected an “illegitimate” Republican Governor.

According to Democrats like Abrams, the state of Georgia implementing election integrity and security measures, like voter ID and ballot harvesting bans, is somehow akin to “Jim Crow” and is only a tool of “white supremacists” to keep black Americans from voting.

But North Carolina Republican Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, who also happens to be black, has had enough of Stacey Abrams and her anti-election integrity stance.

In an appearance on Fox News’ Unfiltered with Dan Bongino, Lt. Gov. Robinson railed against Abrams’ opposition to voter ID, declaring it “soft bigotry.”

“The soft bigotry of low expectations is not soft, it’s as hard as a punch,” Robinson explained. “It’s as devastating, and has been as detrimental in the black community as a stick of dynamite from the Ku Klux Klan. This stuff is ridiculous. To suggest those who survived the Middle Passage, survived the horrors of slavery and then survived Jim Crow now have reached a point where they can’t go down to the DMV to get a free ID to secure their vote not only is insulting, it’s ridiculous.”

The Lieutenant Governor went on to blast Democrats, like Abrams and President Joe Biden, for pushing a narrative that “black folks are victims.”

“It’s a false narrative myth, the propagation that black folks are victims and they need the Democratic Party to supply them with everything they need,” Robinson added. “We know it’s not true and we have got to push back against that narrative.”

But it’s having an impact

Despite the best efforts of Democrats like Abrams, Robinson also told Dan Bongino that their “everything is racist” strategy is backfiring.

According to the Lieutenant Governor, more black Americans than ever are waking up to the realization that everything Democrats have told them and promised have been lies, leading many to consider a move to the Republican Party.

“Black people started taking a look around in their communities and wondering why for the last 50 years things have been the same,” Robinson said. “Why they are seeing the same old things over and over again, and hearing the same things over and over again with no positive results. They are starting to see they need to reach out in a different direction.”

The North Carolina Republican also said the positive direction Republican-led state legislatures, like that of North Carolina, have states going, coupled with the direction then-President Donald Trump had the nation going prior to COVID, is exposing Democrats’ lies.

“I think that many of the things they have seen in North Carolina since 2010 and many of the things, quite frankly, they saw under President Trump compared to President Biden, they’re seeing the answer lies on the other side of the aisle,” Robinson noted. “I think we’ll see more and more black voters switch over to Republican.”

According to the Daily Caller, Abrams didn’t respond to a request for comments on Mark Robinson exposing her and the Democrat Party.

It should be rather easy to see why she wouldn’t want to comment.

On the other hand, it’s easy to see why Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson has gone from going viral as a concerned citizen standing up for gun rights at a city council meeting in 2018, to the first black Lieutenant Governor in North Carolina history in 2020, to now being someone many Republicans want to see as a potential Vice Presidential nominee in 2024.

While Stacey Abrams is on a different planet trying to divide America by calling everything “racist,” Mark Robinson is actually putting in the work on behalf of the people of his state.

And Mark Robinson certainly isn’t going to let left-wing radicals like Stacey Abrams continue to spout their lies without pushback.

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