Social justice warriors were outraged over Greg Abbott’s latest move

There are few politicians who infuriate the Left quite like Texas Governor Greg Abbott. 

Just about everything he says or does elicit immediate outrage for woke Democrats. 

And social justice warriors were outraged over Greg Abbott’s latest move. 

Democrats are hypocrites about immigration

When it comes to the issue of illegal immigration, the radical Left is extremely hypocritical when it comes to their solutions. 

Most major Democrat-run cities in America have opted into becoming so-called “sanctuary cities,” which allegedly means they will allow illegal aliens to live and work in their city without fear of deportation or prosecution.

So given their openness to receiving illegal aliens, some red state Governors, including Texas Governor Greg Abbott, have sent busloads of illegal aliens to major Democrat-run cities such as New York, Chicago, and Washington, D.C.

The reaction from the Democrat-run cities has been less than welcoming. 

City officials are crying about poverty and claiming that sending these illegal aliens to them is “wrong.” 

The latest city to protest the arrival of buses of illegal aliens is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

After learning about the potential arrival of new illegal aliens into their city, a spokesman for  Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney told Fox News that “this information was relayed to us from a community partner organization as Texas officials have not coordinated with the city.” 

He went on to say, “We do not have an exact location of where the bus will disembark, nor do we have any specific information about those on board, nor do we know if other buses are planned.”

In response to these comments, Texas Governor Greg Abbott claimed on Twitter that “As [President Joe] Biden does nothing, Texas will continue taking unprecedented action to relieve our overwhelmed border communities & secure the border.” 

As you can see, Philadelphia is not exactly welcoming these illegal aliens with open arms. 

Laws like sanctuary city laws not only violate federal law, but they are also highly hypocritical. 

Democrats love to put on the veneer that they support illegal aliens, until those illegal aliens show up at their front door with their hands out. 

Seriously, do they actually think illegal aliens give Texans advance notice of when and where they’ll be arriving?

The current surge of illegal aliens can be mitigated very easily

The truth is, if Democrats really are being overwhelmed by illegal aliens, then they ought to support common-sense border control. 

Simple actions such as closing gaps in border security and deporting illegal aliens convicted of criminal charges can go a long way towards relieving many communities from the burden that mass illegal immigration is bringing to them. 

Until Democrats get serious about the border crisis, busloads of illegal aliens will only continue to flow into their cities and communities. 

Democrats have made it abundantly clear that they do not want these people in their communities, which is extremely hypocritical of them. 

America needs to make illegal “sanctuary city” laws a relic of the past and work toward real and common sense immigration policy that does not allow illegal aliens to come into America at will. 

Border security needs to be a priority, or else the future of America will be in serious peril. 

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