Shocking evidence shows this major mistake by ICE that could lead to dangerous consequences

Record numbers of illegal aliens from all over the world have been pouring across the US-Mexico border for nearly two years now. 

This has led to a sharp rise in horrifying societal issues like rampant drug use, violent crimes, and human trafficking.

Now, shocking evidence shows that ICE made a major mistake that could lead to dangerous consequences.

Florida Attorney General says video evidence proves ICE has lost track of over 150,000 illegal immigrants

Joe Biden’s border crisis has been widely ignored by the corporate-controlled press, but that doesn’t make it any less of a dire situation. 

Now, new evidence out of Florida shows the total failure of the administration to keep track of migrants in the interior of the US.

New video has just been released by the Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody that shows ICE can’t account for at least 150,000 illegal aliens. 

Shortly after Biden took office in March of 2021, border agents started to do catch and release again. 

This policy directs illegal aliens to report to the nearest ICE office to where they plan to live – after only short detainment they are let go inside the country.

Their first mistake was not issuing official charging documents to the illegal aliens. 

Biden tries to clean up mistake by launching Operation Horizon but only exposes problem more

In November 2021, the Biden administration attempted to fix this mistake by launching “Operation Horizon.” 

This was intended to locate the illegal aliens in question so that they could have formal charging documents served to them.

They trained new and current ICE employees for this mission and in the training they admitted their massive failure. 

The footage obtained by Florida’s AG Moody were ICE’s official agency training videos. 

The video was recorded between November 2021 and February 2022. 

It indicates that the agents would have a pretty difficult time locating any of the illegal aliens.

“Operation Horizon, the background on this . . . you know over the summer we had well over 150,000 folks come in,” one ICE employee said, adding “they were issued a piece of paper that said, ‘find somebody in ICE,’ and that was pretty much it.”

ICE Officials says that this should all be especially bad for the “criminal alien program”

The official in the video says, “there was no processing,” and attempted to sympathize with the audience, “I know this isn’t something that you guys asked for and I can assure you that no one in the criminal alien program asked for it either.”

This evidence should be very damning for the Biden administration. 

They are directly admitting to a major mistake and the numbers could even be underestimated.

As the official in the video alludes, this means even more to the “criminal alien program,” which is charged with investigating dangerous crime related to border crossings.

CBP seized over a million fentanyl pills last week in Arizona related border crossings alone

Just last week, border agents in Arizona seized over a million fentanyl pills and nearly 200 pounds of meth that had just crossed the border.

According to the Port Director at Nogales Arizona CPB found the drugs when searching a “train entering from Mexico.” 

They uncovered “approximately 736,200 fentanyl pills and 196 pounds of meth” hidden in a spine rail car.

That was in one incident. 

They found an additional 300k fentanyl pills in two separate searches.

America’s drug problem is getting out-of-control and fentanyl is a leading cause of death for young people. 

But the Biden administration has shown no regard for this situation.

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