Senior citizens are furious after this Yale professor said the unimaginable

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Instead of preparing young people for the real world academia is now more interested in brainwashing future generations into the radical left-wing ideology.

This often involves teaching students to hate certain groups of people and religions. 

But senior citizens are furious after a Yale professor says the unimaginable.

The elderly are now a target of extreme left-wing radicals

Academia is no longer interested in preparing students for the real world. 

Brainwashing young people and mobilizing them as left-wing activists has instead become the goal of many self-proclaimed “educators.”

Having said that, what Dr. Yusuke Narita, a Yale University economics professor, just said is sending shockwaves around the world. 

When discussing the burdens of a disproportionately aging society – like that in his home nation of Japan – Narita said in 2021 that the only solution is euthanization.

“I feel like the only solution is pretty clear,” Narita claimed. “In the end, isn’t it mass suicide and mass ‘seppuku’ of the elderly?”

For clarity, “seppuku” is a form of ritual suicide by disembowment that originated with Japanese samurai as a way of dying with honor rather than be captured by enemies, facing punishment for capital offenses, or simply voluntarily killing yourself after bringing shame upon one’s self or family. 

These recently released comments have both elderly people, and Japanese cultural experts, upset and outraged. 

As Yoko Ishii, a prominent Japanese YouTuber, told Fox News, “Our frustration piles up and the frustration is real. So, I can actually understand if one uses this extreme way of expression, even though it is inappropriate.”

Others were not as kind as Ishii in their criticism of this overt and obvious ageism. 

Ishii went on to tell Fox News “this is the common understanding of Japanese people about our society, that it’s obvious that our population is declining, and the older people are getting even older. So, that means that our burdens as a society [are] getting bigger.”

To Ishii’s point, Japan, China, Russia, and many other nations, including the United States, are facing these issues to one degree or the other as their populations begin to age while birthrates remain too low to replace those who pass away.

But urging elderly people – or anyone for that matter – to commit mass suicide is both evil and callous. 

Elderly people deserve to live just as much as any other population of people. 

Instead of suggesting that massive blocs of the population die off, young Japanese people must find ways to look out for their aging population in a way that benefits both demographics.

Finding these points of common ground is a necessary part of any functioning society. 

Professors need to come out of their ivory towers every once in a while

The left-wing indoctrination of America’s students poses a very serious threat to the future of western culture as you know it. 

Young adults are being trained to hate various groups of people, such as whites, the working class, Christians, and now elderly people, and in turn, they are being trained to strive towards being victims and criminals, like George Floyd.

The Left has even begun to group Asian people with white people in order to further their discrimination and efforts to control the American people.

The entire point of college is to prepare people for a specific trade or job field, not to become militant left-wing radicals.

A major change in the way that America educates its youth is needed now more than ever. 

The alternative is a nation full of elitist, brainwashed socialists, which America is already becoming more and more by the day. 

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