Senate Democrats are urging Joe Biden to take one action that will have you seeing red

Democrats were determined to ram Joe Biden’s trillion-dollar “Build Back Better” socialist spending bill through the Senate before the Midterm elections.

West Virginia Democrat Senator Joe Manchin poured cold water on those plans last week by announcing his opposition to the bill.

But now Senate Democrats are urging Joe Biden to take one action that will have you seeing red.

Polls show Joe Biden is already the most unpopular President in history.

But his approval ratings are dropping even lower with no signs of improvement in sight.

Joe Biden has zero accomplishments for Democrats to run on this fall.

Party leaders were hoping to use Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 Committee to paint Republicans as domestic terrorists in the minds of voters ahead of the Midterm elections.

They also tried to seize on the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade to mobilize their left-wing base to turn out and vote after polls showed enthusiasm was higher among GOP voters.

However, both those efforts have failed, as voters are more concerned with inflation and high gas prices than they are with January 6 or codifying Roe into federal law.

With Democrats running out of time before November, they placed all their chips on ramming Joe Biden’s socialist Build Back Better boondoggle into law. 

Joe Manchin kills “Build Back Better”

Last week, Joe Manchin publicly declared his opposition to Biden’s Build Back Better bill, citing its climate and energy programs as well as its raising of taxes on wealthy Americans.

Since Democrats can’t afford to lose a single vote to pass the bill using the reconciliation process, Manchin announcing his opposition effectively killed the legislation.

As The New York Times reported, Manchin crushed Joe Biden’s “ambitious climate agenda,” which aimed to be “the largest single federal investment in American history toward addressing the toll of climate change.”

“Without action by Congress, it will be impossible to meet Mr. Biden’s goal of cutting U.S. emissions roughly in half by the end of this decade,” noted The Times. “That target was aimed at keeping the planet to stabilize the climate at about 1.5 degrees Celsius of warming compared to preindustrial levels.”

Democrats demand Executive action on “climate change”

Of course, Joe Biden has proven time and time again that he doesn’t care about the rule of law.

Democrats realize this all too well.

And they are calling on Joe Biden to take executive action to address the so-called “climate crisis.”

On Monday, during an interview with NBC’s MTP Now, Senator Ed Markey urged Joe Biden to take executive action immediately.

“We shouldn’t walk away from climate,” Markey began. 

But what Senate Democrats want Joe Biden to do will have you seeing red.

“We want the White House, and they’re saying they’re going to do that, to use executive action to deal with the climate crisis, to use, potentially, the Defense Production Act, stopping any additional drilling on public lands in our country,” Markey continued.

Joe Biden’s anti-fossil fuel policies are the reason why gas prices are at all-time highs.

Joe Biden declared war on American energy his first day in office.

He canceled construction on the Keystone XL Pipeline and refused to renew leases for drilling oil and natural gas on federal lands.

Not only that, but Biden and the Democrats also pumped trillions of dollars in “green” spending into the economy, sending inflation soaring.

But now Democrats want Biden to extend his war on American energy even further by declaring a “climate emergency.”

“I would actually declare a climate emergency,” Markey continued. 

Unfortunately, Biden appears to be heeding to the Democrats’ demands, as administration officials reported he is considering taking executive action on the climate in the coming days.

Markey remains hopeful that Democrats may be able to ram through the Build Back Better bill before the Midterms.

“But to also not give up on the Congressional process because this other reconciliation bill still sits there as a vehicle, that, with a Democrat-only solution, we could put it on the President’s desk,” Markey concluded.

Joe Biden’s war on American energy and trillions of dollars in socialist spending already sent inflation through the roof, making him the most unpopular President in history.

If Joe Biden doubles down on his war on American energy by taking executive action on the so-called “climate crisis,” it will set Democrats up for a shellacking in November.

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