Self-proclaimed “journalists” new plan for disposing of opinion polls that expose their lies will leave you furious

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Democrats despise all those who disagree with them on literally any issue and would love nothing more than to wipe them from the face of the Earth.

One of the most prominent pollsters in the nation is learning this the hard way.

And self-proclaimed “journalists” new plan for disposing of opinion polls that expose their lies will leave you furious.

No room for disagreement

America can only function when people are able to speak their mind without fear to themselves, their families, or their property. 

Public discourse on political issues is a pillar of a functioning society. 

But like many other pillars of society, the ability to disagree on issues is becoming less and less prevalent. 

Nowadays if you hold a different political opinion than a Democrat, not only will they disagree with you, but they will do everything they can to ruin your life. 

And of course, the media is nothing if not a dutiful bunch of Democrat activists, who always follow their marching orders to the tee.

As a result, the media is now doing Democrats’ dirty work by attempting to dispose of one pollster who continually blows up their narratives.

ABC does its best Stalin impersonation

Disney-controlled ABC News is threatening to erase Rasmussen Reports from their platforms, including FiveThirtyEight.

Rasmussen Reports’ owner, Scott Rasmussen, is a regular contributor to news outlets, like Fox News, making him a major enemy of Democrats and the media by default.

According to a notice sent to Rasmussen, ABC News is demanding details on the company’s relationship with Fox News and other outlets, and threatening to kick the company’s polls off of their platform unless they get what they’re after.

“Please tell us whether questions are ever suggested to Rasmussen from these outlets, including Fox News and “Steve Bannon’s War Room”, where Rasmussen’s head pollster regularly appears, with the promise of coverage in return for “public” fieldwork?” ABC demanded. “Do Rasmussen’s pollsters work with anyone from these organizations on topics to consider polling, despite listing polls as un-sponsored or sponsored by other groups? Does the pollster have a close personal relationship with any of these figures that might cloud their judgement in the operation of a public poll?”

Even FiveThirtyEight founder Nate Silver – a known Democrat activist, himself – sees this as going too far. 

Hopefully, Rasmussen Reports holds its ground as this is an absurd demand by ABC News. 

US Political Daily will keep you updated on any developments to this ongoing story.