Self-proclaimed “journalists” are seething after Tucker Carlson made one move that left the entire media in the dust

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At the end of the day the media is only interested in control.

Cable news has been able to mold and shape public opinion for decades but thanks to the internet they’re no longer allowed to be the gatekeepers they once were.

And now self-proclaimed “journalists” are seething after Tucker Carlson made one move that left the entire media in the dust.

Fox News is seeing a dramatic drop in viewership since it chose to fire Tucker Carlson.

The network evidently didn’t like his unconventional approach to covering the issues, and reportedly wants to continue to pay him to not actually be on air.

But the debut of Tucker’s new Twitter show week garnered tens of millions of views, completely shocking corporate media.

And it’s not just Fox News – CNN sees the writing on the wall too, and is clearly worried about the prospect of popular TV show hosts simply bypassing corporate gatekeepers.

CNN just can’t help themselves

In a rush to criticize Carlson, CNN described his Twitter show as “low-budget,” and whined that he is amplifying “some of the most extreme ideas in right-wing politics.”

“The commentary, which appeared next to a ‘Tucker on Twitter’ logo at the corner of the screen, was in the same style as viewers have come to expect from Carlson, a conspiracy-peddling talk-show host who gave voice to some of the most extreme ideas in right-wing politics,” CNN’s Oliver Darcy wrote. “The NYT’s Katie Robertson and Jeremy Peters summarized the first episode like this: ‘He expressed sympathy for President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia and mocked President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine. He accused the mainstream media of lying. He wrapped up by declaring that U.F.O.s and extraterrestrial life are actually real.”

The ironic part to all of this is that Carlson spoke about this very issue in the first installment of his new show.

Namely, how the media has a bad habit of only giving voice to certain issues and viewpoints, while targeting anyone who steps out of line for destruction.

“So if you want to know why our country is dysfunctional, this is a big part of the reason. Nobody knows what’s happening,” Carlson said in his monologue. “A small group of people control access to all relevant information, and the rest of us don’t know. We’re allowed to yap all we want about racism, but go ahead and talk about something that really matters, and see what happens. You keep it up, they’ll make you be quiet. Trust us, that’s how they maintain control.”

“The first episode of ‘Tucker on Twitter’ didn’t help,” Darcy added. “The debut video looked like a meager shell of Carlson’s former show. The production quality was bare bones, with the audio gently echoing in the background as Carlson used his spare hand to scroll through the teleprompter himself.”

CNN’s clout is slipping away

And despite all that – or perhaps, even because of it – Carlson managed to get far more eyeballs on his work than anyone on CNN, or the rest of the media, could ever hope to see.

CNN is used to having the authority to decide not only what information is legitimate or not, but what information you can even know about.

Now, they are sensing that their power is slipping away with each passing year, and they are lashing out.

Here’s to hoping for success for Tucker Carlson and the further marginalization of old media.

The American people deserve a choice and a voice.

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