SCOTUS is set to rule on this Biden immigration policy that could shake the nation to its core

President Joe Biden has done such a horrible job handling the American economy, the crisis he’s created on the southern border can sometimes feel like an afterthought.

However, the President’s latest immigration policy is only going to make the dangerous circumstances on the border even worse.

And now the Supreme Court of the United States will decide if that policy is implemented or not.

Despite objections from border-state Governors, Republicans, and even vulnerable Democrats up for re-election, the Biden administration is trying to move full speed ahead with the reversal of Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy.

Under the successful policy, border crossers were forced to wait in Mexico until their asylum hearing date.

President Joe Biden signed an executive order ending the policy, reverting back to the Obama Era “catch and release” policy of letting untold numbers of illegal aliens into the interior of the United States.

However, red states Texas and Missouri are suing the Biden administration for the impeachable offense of not doing its sworn duty of upholding and enforcing the laws of the United States.

According to the Homeland Security Lifecycle Report, 87% of Central Americans that claim they’re seeking asylum when they’re apprehended at the border are denied status because they either don’t qualify for asylum – because they’re not being persecuted in their home country, they just don’t like living in the third world — or they don’t show up to their scheduled court dates.

The report also finds fewer than 10% actually leave the U.S. once ordered.

The case has reached the highest court of the land, where SCOTUS will decide the fate of “Remain in Mexico”.

Justices moderated two-hours of heated debate on the topic.

They have to decide if the Constitution limits the federal government from releasing illegals into the United States.

Also up for consideration is Congress requiring border patrol officials to detain illegals but then not provide the agency with the funding needed to meet the obligation.

Though it can be difficult and, oftentimes, fool-hearted to try and interpret too much into questions from the Justices, the three liberals on the court appeared to favor the arguments of the Biden Administration.

However, Chief Justice John Roberts and even conservative-stalwart Clarence Thomas posed questions that made them seem sympathetic to the federal government’s case.

President Biden made lifting Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy one of his campaign pledges during his run for the White House.

In about 16-months as President, Joe Biden has made a mess of the southern border.

The fact is, the number of illegal aliens crossing our border and then being let free into the country has increased more than 11-fold under President Biden.

In Biden’s first year in office, U.S. Border Patrol apprehensions reached a 20-year high – agents encountered 2,033,863 migrants at the border in 2021.

Comparatively, there were only 341,519 Southwest border apprehensions in 2017, Trump’s first year in office.

In January of this year, Border agents encountered 153,941 illegals – more than any January figure since the year 2000.

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, in February, the Border Patrol caught 164,973 illegal aliens at the southern border.

That is more than a 60% surge from February 2021, which saw 101,099 encounters at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Meanwhile, incidents of unaccompanied children spiked 37%, with 12,011 encounters in February compared with 8,760 in January.

That’s an average of 520 unaccompanied children in CBP custody per day.

A SCOTUS ruling on the future of “Remain in Mexico” is expected this summer.

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