Scientists just revealed a jaw-dropping plan involving UFOs and nuclear reactors that will leave you fuming

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The fervor over the UFO/UAP phenomenon has reached a fever pitch in the wake of the federal government supposedly disclosing that they have recovered non-human entities and crafts.

Now the so-called “experts” are here to “help.”

And scientists just revealed a jaw-dropping plan involving UFOs and nuclear reactors that will leave you fuming.

We better hope Hollywood is wrong about UFOs

Hollywood doesn’t get many things right. 

But one thing Hollywood is exceptionally good at is making futuristic horror movies that predict the future. 

Need proof? 

Just look at Idiocracy which is correctly predicting the degradation and devolution of our society. 

You will laugh out loud when you watch that movie, but Idiocracy will give you the chills as you realize the movie’s depiction of the evolution of idiots over time is happening in front of your very eyes. 

But we all hope Hollywood gets it completely wrong when it comes to predicting how human interactions with extraterrestrials will go. 

You’d be hard pressed to find a movie that depicts the point of contact between aliens and humans as an event that could somehow end on a good note. 

Most films, like Independence Day, depict the worst possible outcome with aliens wanting to destroy Earth. 

While the consensus now seems to be that there is something or someone flying around in the sky, the debate is still raging over whether it’s actually aliens.

But if you believe in UFOs, you better hope Hollywood is wrong about the phenomenon.

What can go wrong with nuclear reactors and UFOs?

Because if these scientists get their way, the world will soon face a bad situation involving UFOs and nuclear reactors. 

Kevin Knuth, a Professor of Physics at the University at Albany, is putting steps in place to put nuclear reactors in space to attract the grays. 

Many have theorized that UFOs tend to come out more during nuclear events and around nuclear reactors. 

So Knuth theorizes that if we put small nuclear reactors in space then we should have better luck of coming in contact with UFOs.

As Knuth told a crowd of scientists at a SOL Foundation conference, “We were trying to figure out how we can lure UFOs and work out how to make contact.”

So the scientist has a well thought out plan on how to make this a reality as he has a friend who is making a handheld nuclear reactor.

Sounds legit.

“How do they do this?” Knuth said. “Are they using neutrinos, which are really hard to detect, or gamma rays? We don’t know. But my colleague has developed a new technology which is basically a handheld lithium-powered nuclear-fission reactor, which he is now patenting.”

And, like the clueless scientist in the movies, Knuth guesses that the aliens will just do a drive-by when his plan becomes a reality.

“Maybe these guys will detect it and come down and find out what ‘those crazy monkeys’ are up to this time. And we can get some imagery or some data. . . that’s our plan,” Knuth theorized. 


Only time will tell if this plan actually becomes reality, but what could go wrong with nuclear reactors orbiting Earth to attract aliens.

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