Scientists are scratching their heads after this radical left-wing school district did the unimaginable

Photo by Max Fischer from Pexels

Over the past few decades America’s government-controlled school system has fallen significantly behind the rest of the world.

Countries like China, Japan, and much of Europe are far ahead of the U.S. when it comes to education and left-wing radicals’ efforts to turn government schools into indoctrination camps is largely to blame. 

But now scientists are scratching their heads after a radical left-wing school district did the unimaginable.

Radical leftists are targeting children with their extreme agenda

Middle school is an uncomfortable part of life for every child – it’s a period in life many would be happy to forget altogether.

And for 12-year-old Liam Morrison, this is certainly the case, except young Liam has had a particularly rough experience while attending Nichols Middle School. 

Fed up with the “woke” lessons at his school, Liam decided to exercise his First Amendment right and show up to school wearing a shirt that simply said, “There are only two genders”. 

What happened next has conservatives across the nation demanding answers. 

According to Morrison, who spoke directly with Fox News, “Everyone in my homeroom and everyone in my gym class had supported what I had done.”

He was then pulled out of gym class and told to change his shirt, but Liam declined to do so, leading school officials to call his father to take him home for the day.

“The reason that I wore it is because – well, everyone has a right to their opinions and I want to be able to voice mine on a subject that a lot of people were talking about,” Morrison said.

“I definitely don’t like that they violated what is basically the first thing that the people who were in charge of America at the time stated we were allowed to do, and nowadays, it feels like that’s being taken away a lot, which is why some people choose to speak up about it,” the 12-year-old added. “It’s not just me.”

A number of organizations, such as the Massachusetts Family Institute, are demanding to know why Liam was forced to remove his shirt. 

Liam, like every other student at that school, has a right to free speech, and his respectful protest is covered under the Constitution. 

After all, it’s not like he committed what Democrats portray as the ultimate crime against humanity by bringing a Bible to school, violating the supposed “separation of church and state.”

The truth is, left-wing indoctrination has become so toxic in government schools that many school employees and teachers union lackeys are attempting to rewrite what a students rights actually are, telling them it’s their “right” to change their gender as a 12-year-old without their parents’ consent but not their right to have an opinion that is in contrast to their woke agenda, in order to brainwash future generations into believing that the only rights they have are those Democrats have bestowed on them.

American schools are falling behind at the hands of the radical Left

Nations such as Japan, China, and Finland have significantly more advanced educational systems than the United States, with not only their standards for all students being higher, but also their students’ overall competency and intelligence.

And one of the main reasons for this is undoubtedly the perverse nature of radical left-wing indoctrination in government schools across America. 

Deranged leftists have an insatiable desire to poison the minds of young Americans with their woke agenda, while students in other countries receive STEM – science, technology, engineering, and math – educations that will actually benefit them in life and advance humanity forward through innovation.

Behind all of this perversion and corruption are teachers’ unions, led by left-wing extremists, like Randi Weingarten, who pose a significant threat to children and the future of America. 

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