Sarah Huckabee Sanders mocked Bud Light with this incredible marketing campaign

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Bud Light’s woke marketing fiasco led to a nationwide boycott.

Media pundits claimed it would burn out quickly but only the opposite has transpired.

Now Sarah Huckabee Sanders has launched an incredible marketing campaign blasting Bud Light.

Bud Light boycott continues despite efforts made by Anheuser Busch

It’s been a month since Bud Light made the disastrous decision to partner with transgender extremist Dylan Mulvaney.

Immediately following the partnership, the brand received a heavy backlash from American consumers.

Anheuser Busch’s CEO was forced to release a statement in which he claimed the company never wanted to be part of a “divisive” conversation, but stopped short of apologizing to the company’s consumers.

The boycott continued, resulting in two marketing executives responsible for the campaign being placed on a leave of absence.

It was obvious that the brand was hopeful that conservatives would just “forgive and forget” the slap in the face.

Even some conservative pundits, namely Donald Trump Jr., encouraged Americans to go easy on the brand, but there seems to be no end in sight.

Now, the Governor of Arkansas seems to be coming out in support of the protest.

Governor Sanders blasts companies that don’t know the difference between “real and fake”

Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders took a stab at Bud Light boycott messaging this week by releasing her latest campaign swag — beer koozies.

Not only is it a product to keep your brew cold, but also a tribute to “real women in politics.”

Governor Sanders announced the new product in a post on Twitter in which she declared that “real women don’t have to fake it,” and that women like their beer “cold, not woke.”

The tweet included a video message that adopted the “real men of genius” music bed from previous Bud Light ads.

The video blasted “some big companies” for not knowing the difference between “real and fake.”

It displayed koozies with four female Republican Governors from across the country – South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey, and of course, Sanders herself.

The koozies are for sale on the Arkansas Governor’s campaign site, and come in packs of two for 15 dollars – although, all sales do count as a political contribution.

Bud Light is facing an “extremely difficult scenario”

The boycott has resulted in a major decline in sales for Anheuser Busch’s most valuable brand. 

According to sales data for the week ending April 15 compiled by both NielsenIQ and Bump Williams Consulting, Bud Light’s sales have dropped by a staggering 17% while the volume of those sales dropped by 21%, as well.

That shows the problem is getting worse from the prior week, as sales were down just a 6%, while the volume of those sales dropped by 11%.

Insights Express, newsletter focused on inner workings of the beer industry, noted that the numbers are “staggering,” and that Anheuser Busch was in an “extremely difficult scenario.”

The drop in market share has been a boon to legacy competitors and start-up beer companies.

Seth Weathers, the CEO of a Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right Beer has been raking in the new sales.

He said his beer represents “a movement of people who are speaking up and saying no. We’re done.”

The next move in the Bud Light saga might dictate the brand’s fate.

If sales don’t change, Bud Light customer’s might just get that apology they’ve been waiting for. 

US Political Daily will keep you updated on any developments to this ongoing story.