Ryan Gosling’s new movie has left the woke left-wing outrage mob in total disbelief

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Ryan Gosling is one of the few actors remaining who is a bonafide movie star.

Of course one doesn’t reach such a status in Hollywood without starring in plenty of woke propaganda films like Barbie.

And now, Ryan Gosling’s new movie has left the left-wing outrage mob in total disbelief.

Woke or Watch review of The Fall Guy

From 1981 to 1986, Lee Majors of The Six-Million Dollar Man fame was performing death-defying stunts by day and chasing down bad guys by night in the television series, The Fall Guy.

With such an interesting premise and a major star in the title role, the series became a cult classic at the time, but has been largely forgotten since.

However, director David Leitch remembers.

Before becoming a bigtime Hollywood director for films like Deadpool 2 and Bullet Train, Leitch was a movie stuntman.

In a short interview with Leitch and actor Ryan Gosling that runs before the movie, the director said he wanted to bring The Fall Guy to the big screen as a “love letter” to the unsung hero stunt men who make all of the action sequences in film possible.

With that in mind, your Woke or Watch team reviews The Fall Guy to find out if the stuntman love letter is woke or worth a watch.

Is it woke?

In real life, Gosling is married to actress Eva Mendes, and the couple has kids.

But despite the “family man” appearance, Gosling has appeared in plenty of woke movies.

Look no further than last year’s Barbie, which is arguably the biggest piece of feminist propaganda to ever come out of Hollywood.

Fortunately, that’s not the case with The Fall Guy.

There are a couple of scenes in which a small female character gets the better of a larger, combat-trained male combatant.

While the scenes aren’t very realistic, there are mitigating factors that can lend some suspension of disbelief.

Other than that, the movie remains remarkably apolitical for a 2024 film.

Woke or watch finds The Fall Guys to be refreshingly not woke.

But is it any good?

Some critics have complained The Fall Guy misses the boat due to an identity crisis.

They claim the movie can’t decide if it wants to be an action-adventure, a comedy, or romantic love story.

But can’t the movie be all of those things?

The movie is actually incredibly meta.

Much like Hamlet, it’s a story within a story, but it’s a comedy, not a tragedy, so Leitch allows the movie to not take itself too seriously and poke some fun at itself.

Leitch made the metaphor between the movie within the movie and the relationship between Gosling and co-star Emily Blunt (Oppenheimer, A Quiet Place) so on-the-nose it actually becomes a running joke throughout the duration of the two-hour and six-minute running time.

And a second critique revolves around lazy dialog.

Yes, there is some lazy dialog writing.

It’s an action/comedy remake of a 1980s television series – no one should have entered the theater expecting to be blown away by the screenwriting.

As one would expect while watching a motion picture about a stuntman, the movie delivers some tremendous action and fight scenes.

There are also more than a few laugh-out-loud lines and moments that keep the movie light and moving quickly.

Gosling and Blunt are delightful and charming in their roles, and make their characters feel multidimensional.

In fact, the pair have such great chemistry and work so well on screen together, one wouldn’t be faulted for believing the two are a real item if they didn’t already know they’re married to Mendes and John Krasinski, respectively.

Woke or watch rates The Fall Guy as a fun popcorn flick that’s worth the watch, if you’re a fan of that sort of thing.

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