Roseanne dropped the gloves and hit Whoopi Goldberg with the ultimate haymaker

Roseanne_barr.jpg: Stand-Up Sucks, LLCderivative work: William S. Saturn, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The United States seems to be falling apart at the seams and people are stuck watching it collapse.

The ruling class elites class and their media allies have merged making diversity of thought nonexistent. 

And now Roseanne dropped the gloves and hit Whoopi Goldberg with the ultimate haymaker.

Roseanne Barr unpacks the “disappointing” place America is in

After a decades-long career in the entertainment industry, Roseanne Barr has become a top target of the woke outrage mob and their media allies in recent years.

Now, she spends her time dissecting the political events that are destroying our country. 

Barr broke it down for The Daily Wire host, Michael Knowles, in an interview discussing her new role as Principal Pam Bortles on the network’s latest show, Mr. Birchum. 

The comedian said that Democrats’ witch hunts against former President Donald Trump were part of “living history” and that everyone must see it.

Barr explained that people are receiving a “stunning and disappointing” message that should be a warning to “all Americans who love our constitutional Republic.” 

“Although it seemed dark, and horrifying, and a horrible miscarriage of justice what’s happened to President Trump,” it’s not over yet, she says. 

“America is all that stands in their way. . .”

Barr says that globalist elites want to remove Trump from the picture so that they can have their way with America. 

And if they can get control of America, the rest of the world is within their grasp.

“America is all that stands in the way of their global one-world Nazi government,” she warned, describing the situation as “Biblical.”

“So, they’re not really after America. They’re after the entire world, and America is all that stands in their way, just like Trump says,” she explained. 

Barr said that “these people are exposing themselves right in front of us. . . [and] it’s our job to witness it and let it register.” 

But the comedian also issued a word of hope. 

“Always know, God’s in charge of everything,” she said, adding that He “does work in mysterious ways.” 

Barr believes that recent events are evidence that “God is so moving in the world” even as the powers that be seek to “destroy America.”

The conversation then proceeded to shift to a reflection on the modern cultural establishment.

The hosts on The View are nothing more than “communist crusaders”

Looking back at the early stages of her career, Barr said that she really enjoyed being part of the entertainment industry throughout her time on television. 

The comedian said that when she was rising to fame, being on TV was closer to “reality.” 

“America was about being fair and showing two sides. . . [and] on television it was your duty to represent two sides,” she said.

But now, shows like The View are doing everything they can to force Democrats’ propaganda down Americans’ throats.

They are all “communist crusaders” Barr said as she slammed the hosts on The View.

Barr, who is Jewish, specifically took aim at Whoopi Goldberg, rightly pointing out that she continues to commit what Democrats like her have described as “cultural appropriation” by claiming she is Jewish. 

The Jewish comedian said Goldberg is employing “Jew-face,” adding that it was “despicable and offensive” to her and other members of the Jewish community.

Goldberg previously admitted that she changed her name to sound more Jewish in order to have a better chance in Hollywood, though she claimed she picked it because of her own “Jewish heritage” – a claim which has never been able to be confirmed.

And as for Joy Behar, Roseanne says that she is like an “alien from another planet.”

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