Ron DeSantis picking a fight with a foreign leader that may define his political future

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Ron DeSantis has decimated or is in the process of decimating literally every political foe he’s faced thus far in his political career.

But of all the fights the Governor has been in it looks as though he may have just met his match.

And Ron DeSantis picking a fight with a foreign leader that may define his political future.

Few look better than DeSantis

Every so often a Republican comes along who shows the rest of the Party how it’s really done.

But for too long now, the Republican Party has been almost exclusively controlled by ruling class elite politicians who promise the world without ever really delivering results.

All most politicians are worried about is increasing their net worth and power over others.

And when it comes to the real issues that affect all Americans, they could really care less.

But that’s not the case for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Since he became Governor, DeSantis has been laying waste to Democrat efforts to force their woke left-wing agenda on the people of Florida.

While more and more states, including supposedly Republican-led states, go more down the woke rabbit hole, Florida is doing the reverse and choosing freedom.

Now even corporations like Disney, who have been leading the charge for years in pushing the woke agenda, don’t know what to do, as they’ve never dealt with someone who is decimating their positions and ranks like Governor DeSantis.

And because of his amazing record in the Sunshine State, DeSantis has joined former President Donald Trump as the clear frontrunners for the Republican Presidential nomination in 2024.

But even though he served as a JAG officer in the U.S. Nazy, and on the National Security and Foreign Affairs Committees during his time in Congress, some have questioned his foreign policy experience.

DeSantis’ spat with Mexico

That’s because foreign policy obviously isn’t within his purview as Governor, nevertheless, it will undoubtedly be one of the most important issues at hand in the Republican Presidential Primary.

Knowing that such questions will come, though, Governor DeSantis has taken the opportunities he’s been given to address foreign policy issues, and demonstrate an ability to tackle such problems head on.

As such, after the Governor recently signed numerous reforms to combat illegal immigration throughout Florida into law, and one foreign left-wing President chose to attack him for it, he didn’t back down.

Mexican President Andres Lopez Obrador – who is so far off the reservation he recently shared a photo on social media he honestly believed was a real life elf – was asked about these new laws in Florida, and claimed the Governor was engaging in “inhumane measures.”

“I found out that the Florida governor — imagine, Florida, which is full of migrants! — is taking repressive, inhumane measures against [illegal] migrants in Florida because he wants to be a [presidential] candidate,” Obrador claimed. “This is immoral — this is politicking.”

But for his part, DeSantis wasn’t too pleased with the Mexican President’s comments.

“President López Obrador should be cracking down on the cartels running his country and fueling our deadly opioid epidemic instead of worrying about what we are doing in Florida,” DeSantis responded.

Needless to say, Andres Lopez Obrador, like his American left-wing ruling class elite counterparts, quickly learned that it’s not wise to poke Ron DeSantis.

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