Ron DeSantis made one promise to Donald Trump that Democrats are going to hate

Hudson Institute, CC BY 2.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

Donald Trump is facing the fallout from his conviction in Democrats’ Soviet-style show trial in Manhattan.

He’s not going to have to do it alone though.

And Ron DeSantis made one promise to Donald Trump that Democrats are going to hate.

Democrats predict that Trump can’t vote for himself 

Former President Donald Trump was convicted on 34 made-up charges in Soros-backed Manhattan Democrat District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s witch hunt.

Democrats had been eagerly waiting for one of their rogue Democrat prosecutors to convict Trump so they could rail on about how he’s a so-called “convicted felon.”

Shouting from the rooftops that Trump is a convicted felon is what they believe is going to change the trajectory of the 2024 election in favor of President Joe Biden.

Democrats’ media allies were giddy as they proclaimed that Trump had lost his right to vote for himself this November because of his felony conviction.

Trump is a Florida resident, and under the state’s law, most felons can’t vote unless they get their voting rights restored.

DeSantis has Trump’s back in a major way

But Florida Governor Ron DeSantis once again crushed the dreams of Democrats recently by taking to social media to declare that Trump would, in fact, be allowed to vote for himself this November.

“Former President Donald Trump hasn’t lost his voting rights in Florida,” DeSantis proclaimed. “Rights are not removed in Florida where they haven’t yet been stripped in the convicting jurisdiction. That said, given the absurd nature of the New York prosecution of Trump, this would be an easy case to qualify for restoration of rights per the Florida Clemency Board, which I chair.”

“The bottom line is that Donald Trump’s vote this November will be one of millions that demonstrate Florida is now a solid Republican state!” the Governor concluded.

And just like that, MSNBC and other Democrat media allies’ giddy delight over Trump not being able to vote for himself was washed away in an instant.

In cases in which a resident is convicted of a felony in another state, Florida defers to the other state’s laws on voting for rights for felons.

New York Democrats passed a law in 2021 that automatically restores the voting rights of felons once they’re released from incarceration.

No matter what the situation is with Trump’s felony in New York – or other potential felonies in other states in which Democrats are engaging in a witch hunt against him – he’ll have the opportunity to vote.

The Florida Clemency Board – which as DeSantis mentioned, he leads – sets the rules for restoring the voting rights of felons in the Sunshine State.

To restore Trump’s voting rights, the Florida Governor and two other members of the Clemency Board have to sign off on it.

And the former President already has the support of another member of the Clemency Board, Florida Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis.

Immediately following Trump’s conviction, Patronis indicated that he’s prepared to restore Trump’s voting rights if needed.

“Trump should be granted clemency immediately,” Patronis said. “This is outrageous.”

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Wilton Simpson, another member of Florida’s Clemency Board, also slammed Trump’s conviction after it happened.

“This disgrace isn’t justice. It’s election interference,” Simpson said “Looking forward to the real verdict on November 5th.”

Whether Democrats like it or not, one way or another, Donald Trump will vote for himself this November.

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