Ron DeSantis lowered the boom on MSNBC with this epic truth bomb

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

MSNBC tried to land a low blow on Ron DeSantis.

The Florida Governor didn’t hold anything back. 

And Ron DeSantis lowered the boom on MSNBC with this epic truth bomb. 

MSNBC is playing a big role in Democrats’ efforts to turn Florida Governor Ron DeSantis into the Left’s latest Republican “Hitler.”

Despite his massive success and popularity, MSNBC’s talking heads are continuously looking to invent new attacks to hurl at DeSantis.

Recently, while filling in for Joy Reid on MSNBC’s The ReidOut, guest host Jason Johnson tried to attack Governor DeSantis and the state of Florida.

Ahead of a potential Presidential bid by DeSantis, Johnson claimed that Florida would be a liability for the Governor in a Presidential campaign because of how the rest of the country supposedly views the state.

“You run from Florida, it’s all crystal meth and alligators, right?” Johnson claimed. “I mean, that’s what people think. And I’m not saying that’s the case. I’m saying those are sort of the national reputations of those states.”

Johnson claimed that Florida is one of the “states that you can’t really run from if you’re trying to win across America.”

He also tried to claim that the Governor’s efforts to turn Florida into an oasis of freedom would be a liability for him. 

“So, when you see Ron DeSantis running and claiming that he’s going to do for America what he’s done in Florida, it seems like that’d be a problem,” Johnson suggested.

A clip was played of DeSantis touting the successful law-and-order policies that have been implemented during his time in office and ushered in the Sunshine State’s lowest crime rate in 50 years.

Guest and former RINO turned left-wing radical Kurt Barbella was asked if law-and-order policies were at the top of the public’s mind when it comes to Florida.

“No,” Barbella replied. “If he thinks for instance, most of this country wants to spend most of their time banning books, that they want to spend their time dealing with mass shootings, if they want to spend their time ignoring the catastrophic impacts of climate change, which by the way, will hit the state of Florida first – that’s not a recipe for a good national conversation, a healthy national conversation.”

MSNBC thought they could land a cheap shot on Governor DeSantis and the state of Florida while he is mulling over a Presidential bid.

But in their response to Johnson, the Governor’s team came out swinging.

“MSNBC contributor @DrJasonJohnson claimed that when people think of Florida, they mostly think of ‘crystal meth and alligators,’” DeSantis’ rapid response team wrote on social media. “Dr. Johnson would know all about that, because he came to Florida to campaign for Andrew Gillum, later found passed out in a hotel with crystal meth.”

In 2018, DeSantis defeated his Democrat opponent, Andrew Gillum, by a razor-thin margin.

After the election, Gillum was photographed while he was passed out nude in a hotel room with crystal meth strewn about after first responders responded to a suspected drug overdose.

Gillum was later indicted on 21 felony charges related to stealing money from his 2018 Gubernatorial campaign.

Jason Johnson ended up with egg on his face after his attack on Ron DeSantis backfired in a major way.

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