Ron DeSantis just outraged the Democrats with this move

There’s been a massive influx of illegal aliens pouring into the United States since Joe Biden took office.

Thanks to Biden repealing Trump’s successful border policies, many local communities are overwhelmed by having so many illegals come into their city or state.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is fed up with the problem and he just made a major move that’s left Democrats outraged.

DeSantis sent illegal immigrants by the planeload to Martha’s Vineyard

On Wednesday, Ron DeSantis sent two planes full of illegal immigrants to the prestigious community of Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts.

What Democrats don’t seem to understand is that massive numbers of illegal aliens can quickly overwhelm and harm the economy and infrastructure of local jurisdictions.

These recent actions taken by Republican Governors DeSantis (FL), Abbott (TX), and Ducey (AZ) to send illegals elsewhere are sending a message to Democrats who sit back and accuse conservatives of racism from afar.

Perhaps if these Democrat-run communities had to deal with the issue themselves – even on a microscale – they’d begin to recognize the gravity of the situation.

Yet several Democrat Representatives are having a meltdown, like Massachusetts State Rep. Dylan Fernandes, who called DeSantis’ decision “depraved” and accused him of partaking in political theater.

On the other hand, Fernandes also said that the Martha’s Vineyard community has “jumped into action,” offering beds, food, and healthcare to the newly relocated illegals.

Martha’s Vineyard Representative Bill Keating said that history doesn’t look kindly on leaders “who treat human beings like cargo.”

Senator Ed Markey called the move a “cruel stunt,” clearly indicating that plenty of Democrat politicians are outraged by the decision.

Democrats claim they’re taking the high road

Now that Martha’s Vineyard has plenty of illegal aliens to deal with, some Democrats claim that they’re the kinder, more compassionate party.

Markey also stated that Massachusetts is showing “what patriotism and liberty really look like.”

The truth is that allowing thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens to enter the United States without going through the proper procedures is anything but patriotic.

A nation without borders is not really a nation at all, and it creates a dangerous precedent when the administration sits back and allows the problem to continue.

The same party that had no problems imposing liberty-crushing policies to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic now seems to have no problem letting unvetted people into the country.

A community center at Martha’s Vineyard was greeted by a group of 50 illegals on Wednesday afternoon, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Meanwhile, states like Texas, Florida, and Arizona are constantly trying to figure out how their infrastructures can handle such influxes on a daily basis.

Democrats may accuse DeSantis of political theater, but it seems like he’s simply trying to share the burden with other parts of the country.

The Left can be upset about this latest move by Ron DeSantis, but all it does is prove that no locality wants to, or is able to, handle so many illegal aliens all at once.

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