Ron DeSantis just hilariously trolled this Fake News reporter with this epic comeback

When it comes to modern threats to society, few are as grave and troubling as the rise of Fake News. 

The media is more dishonest than ever before, and they are going to ridiculous lengths to misinform the public. 

But Ron DeSantis just hilariously trolled this Fake News reporter with this epic comeback.

Conservatives must stand up to the threat of fake news

Ever since Donald Trump took the world by storm with his successful 2016 Presidential bid, more and more conservatives have been inspired to speak out against the Left in a more direct, confrontation manner instead of an apologetic one. 

One such firebrand is the Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis. 

Over the years DeSantis has become a rock star of the Right after standing up to the woke Left in the best ways possible. 

And just recently, DeSantis and his team did it again after trolling the most insufferable Fake News MSNBC reporter of all, Joy Reid. 

After years of trashing the Florida Governor as well as every other prominent conservative, Joy Reid and her team reached out to Governor Ron DeSantis and his team to appear on her sparsely watched, highly-partisan TV program, ReidOut

However, Governor DeSantis’s Deputy Press Secretary was quick to respond by simply saying “Nah, we are good.” 

Conservatives everywhere are in stitches over this simple yet telling response. 

The truth of the matter is, Joy Reid is a racist, hateful person who tries to make every current event into a self-serving political headline. 

People like her are some of the worst bottom feeders in politics, and fortunately, it appears as if most Americans agree given her laughably low television ratings. 

Having said that, Reid is still a major threat to America given her anti-American and anti-Christian messaging. 

Reid and her colleagues on MSNBC have made it their top priority to split America apart and pit Americans against each other on the basis of race, age, gender, etc.

This goes against everything America stands for, and it is important for people like Ron DeSantis who actually care about America to not feed into her hateful rhetoric. 

Meanwhile, Gov. DeSantis has better things to do given all of the damage that Hurricane Ian did to his state of Florida. 

Most accounts show that DeSantis is doing an excellent job getting much-needed resources to people in need all across the state. 

On the other hand, instead of offering words of hope to the people of Florida, Joy Reid has made it her mission to make Hurricane Ian as politically charged as humanly possible. 

As soon as it was reported that a hurricane was projected to hit Florida, Joy Reid automatically went into climate-police mode, blaming the storm on global warming and the Right. 

Not a single argument in her attack was backed up by science, and it should be noted that storms like Ian are not particularly uncommon for the state of Florida, which gets ravaged by hurricanes fairly frequently. 

People like Joy Reid do not make money by inspiring hope, or reporting on positive things, but rather make money on dividing America and pitting people against each other, which is pure evil. 

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