Ron DeSantis just gave a heavy dose of medicine to the “absurd” medical establishment

Children aren’t allowed to get tattoos.

But the medical establishment is pushing disfiguring procedures on underage children.

That’s why Ron DeSantis just gave a heavy dose of medicine to the “absurd” medical establishment.

In today’s “woke” climate, nowhere are things more bizarre and hypocritical than in the medical community.

Americans rightfully expect that the medical community is basing their decisions and rules on science and fact.

Unfortunately, that is not the case.

This has been going on for years with doctors pushing certain drugs based solely on big pharma’s lobbying and money.

And they’ve long had rules about underage children getting abortions without parental consent or even knowledge when other, less invasive, medical procedures require parental consent.

Of course, during COVID we really saw the hypocrisy of the medical establishment as they pushed COVID regulations that made no medical sense and had no basis in science or medicine.

It’s a very dangerous ideology

Florida Governor DeSantis is taking the medical community to task.

He recently highlighted the absurdity of the medical establishment for pushing sex changes for minors, deeming it an ideology that is “very, very dangerous.” 

“And at the end of the day, if you look what’s happening in our society, you see institutions being infected with ideology at the expense of facts and reality,” DeSantis said recently after announcing initiatives his administration plans to prioritize in the next legislative session, focusing on recruiting teachers through various means — not simply recruiting individuals who have been subjected to education degrees, which he said have been “taken over by ideology.”

DeSantis also pointed out just how ridiculous it is that the very same underage children that cannot even get a tattoo are being pushed by the medical establishment to get sex change operations, operations that are life altering.

“We’re fighting this thing with the with the medical board because, they want to do sex change operations for minors. […] A 14-year-old cannot get a tattoo, but somehow . . . they will do mastectomies, they will do stuff at the bottom which is very, very problematic and irreversible,” DeSantis said.

“And, you know, these are kids that are going through a growing time in their life. There’s a lot of different factors and most of the dysphoria resolves itself by the time they become adults. So why would you disfigure a minor?” he asked.

Not safe, effective, or based in science

It’s important to note that none of the life altering, disfiguring sex change surgery being promoted to underage children by the medical establishment is based on anything other than “woke” transgender politics.

It’s extremely dangerous to the very children it’s being pushed on.

That’s why other countries that originally pushed the same pseudo-science have reversed course.

As DeSantis said, “And so, but this is something that the medical establishment has grabbed onto as like something that is about, I don’t know, like opportunity, I don’t even know how they’re couching it, but other countries have gone down this road in Europe. They recognized this was damaging these kids and they’ve reversed course because they’ve actually followed the data.” 

Florida, under DeSantis, has taken steps to challenge the medical establishment in their push to maim and disfigure underage children.

In fact, a recent report from Florida Medicaid, specifically requested by DeSantis’ Secretary of the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA), concluded that “gender-affirming” treatments for individuals struggling with gender dysphoria are not “safe or effective” treatments but are “experimental and investigational.”

Florida is now barring Medicaid from covering transgender procedures.

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