Ron DeSantis just dropped the hammer on this self-proclaimed “journalist”

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The line between news and opinion in modern “journalism” is blurred more now than ever before. 

Many self-proclaimed “journalists” have little to no interest in finding the truth and only care about advancing their political narrative. 

But Ron DeSantis just dropped the hammer on this self-proclaimed “journalist.”

Politically motivated journalism is eroding public trust in the press

In America these days, it is very difficult to trust the so-called “mainstream” media. 

Many self-proclaimed “journalists” have decided to prioritize their left-wing political agenda over the truth. 

This disturbing truth was put on full display in Florida recently, after a reporter said the unthinkable on a hot mic. 

During a live stream of an event featuring Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, First Coast News reporter Atyia Collins was caught telling her colleagues what her “job” is. 

According to Collins, “My job is to ask the tough questions and make him uncomfortable, I guess.” 

“He already doesn’t like the media,” Collins added, before admitting that her web manager expects her to “just run up to him” as he gets off the stage and “just yell questions at him”. 

Making politicians uncomfortable is not the job of any actual journalist.

The job of a journalist is to gather facts and publicize that truth to the masses.

Later on, sure enough, Collins pressed Governor DeSantis on his policies that ban pornographic material in children’s books. 

“This is trying to create some narrative as if that — they hadn’t even put the books out yet to begin with, so there’s no need for all of that stuff,” DeSantis responded. “What they’re trying to do is they’re trying to act like somehow, you know, we don’t want books.”
As far as Collin’s hot mic comments, DeSantis’ team was quick to respond the moment these comments hit the fan. 

Immediately after the press event, DeSantis’ rapid response coordinator, Christina Pushaw, sent out a tweet calling Collins a “journactivist” with a video of her hot mic comments. 

Americans are right to not trust the mainstream media

In today’s world, everybody should question the media they consume. 

This is especially true for the so-called “mainstream” media, which is constantly peddling politically motivated lies to the American public. 

Legacy media sources, like The New York Times, Washington Post, and the network news channels are nothing more than state media for the Biden regime and Democrats. at this point. 

Even outlets like ESPN have been completely compromised by the extreme Left.

The Left has completely taken over most media outlets, which means it is up to consumers to filter out the bias for themselves. 

Every young American should be taught to objectively analyze news sources with the underlying premise that it almost certainly contains bias, if not outright propaganda.

So-called “mainstream” media cannot be trusted, which is why Americans must determine what is fact and fiction for themselves. 

More and more politicians need to hold activist self-proclaimed “journalists” accountable if America ever hopes to restore faith in the press. 

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