Ron DeSantis just drew a major line in the sand over this Big Tech giant’s “monopolistic power”

Governor Ron DeSantis is continuing to raise his national profile.

And he’s doing it by taking the elitist ruling class head on.

Now Ron DeSantis just drew a major line in the sand over this Big Tech giant’s “monopolistic power.”

Silicon Valley picks sides

Earlier this week, Twitter owner Elon Musk revealed that Apple was threatening to “withhold” the platform’s app from their AppStore, and refused to provide any explanation as to why.

Of course, while Apple may not want to provide an explanation for trying to hold Twitter hostage, it’s clear to anyone who’s paid attention that they were merely making Democrats’ last stand against Musk’s efforts to safeguard free speech on the platform.

And if it wasn’t, it was certainly brought into focus when Musk revealed that Apple “has mostly stopped advertising on Twitter,” a move major left-wing corporations have made to protest freedom of speech on the platform.

Unlike those other corporations, though, Apple controls more than 55% of the U.S. smartphone market and has created their own monopoly through the AppStore where they serve as judge, jury, and executioner – only those apps deemed worthy by Apple are allowed.

As a matter of fact, on top of controlling the apps their consumers are allowed to use on the phones they spend hundreds of dollars on, Apple also charges a secret 30% tax on app developers, as Musk was happy to point out.

But while Democrats and the corporate-controlled media cheered Apple’s tyranny on, not everyone was in favor of seeing an American corporation fight against free speech.

DeSantis takes a stand

During a press conference, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis weighed in on the debate over Apple’s app market monopoly, and even suggested that it could warrant Congressional action.

Governor DeSantis, who had previously voiced his support for Musk’s efforts to remake Twitter into a free speech platform, began by pointing out exactly why Apple was making their move.

“You also hear reports that Apple is threatening to remove Twitter from the App Store, because Elon Musk is actually opening it up for free speech and is restoring a lot of accounts that were unfairly and illegitimately suspended for putting out accurate information about COVID,” DeSantis said.

“That’s like one of the main things that’s being reinstated,” he continued. “So many things, these experts were wrong and you had people on Twitter that were calling that out and Twitter, the old regime and Twitter, their response was to try to just suffocate the dissent.”

“And Elon Musk knows that’s not a winning formula, and so he’s providing free speech,” the Florida Governor noted, before adding that “Apple responds to that by nuking them from the App Store.”

DeSantis, of course, hit the nail on the head with his analysis of the situation, but he followed it up by warning Apple that they could be making a “huge, huge mistake.”

The Governor explained that if Apple followed through with banning Twitter from their AppStore, it would be a “raw exercise of monopolistic power that I think would merit a response from the United States Congress.”

“And so don’t be a vassal of the CCP on one hand, and then use your corporate power in the United States on the other to suffocate Americans and try to suppress their right to express themselves,” DeSantis concluded.

It’s that type of bold, principled leadership that has so many Americans clamoring for Governor DeSantis to run for President in 2024.

And with a growing number of Americans growing tired of the elites and corporations’ control over Americans, Ron DeSantis’ drawing a major red line in the sand on the Apple monopoly could pay dividends in the Republican Primary.

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