Ron DeSantis is making more room on his bandwagon following the 2022 Midterms

The dust is still settling and the smoke is still clearing from this week’s 2022 Midterm elections. 

But winners and losers from election night are slowly emerging. 

And Ron DeSantis is being declared the night’s biggest winner in more ways than one. 

America’s Governor going nationwide?

Americans are still waiting to find out the final results of the 2022 Midterms – as some states just can’t seem to get the hang of this whole counting thing. 

But most of the results are in and most observers agree on whom the biggest winner of the night was. 

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida didn’t only win his race, but now he also won over support from many Trump supporters who now want to see America’s Governor be America’s next President. 

Back in 2018, DeSantis barely escaped that election night as a winner. 

Only about 32,500 votes – or 0.4 points – separated DeSantis from his radical leftist Democrat opponent, Andrew Gillum – who has since been indicted on federal crimes. 

Since then, DeSantis has governed to the right of perhaps every other Governor in the country. 

Doing so in a purple state would typically have conventional political wisdom suggesting DeSantis would be vulnerable in his re-election bid. 

Democrats put up, possibly, their biggest name in the state to challenge DeSantis, in former Governor, Democrat-turned-Republican-turned-independent-turned-Democrat Charlie Crist. 

However, what was once considered a potential Democrat pickup, the race was a landslide.  

DeSantis destroyed Crist by 19.5 points – more than 1.5 million votes – quite the turnaround from 2018.

And he did so while being enemy number one – or at least 1B – from the regime media. 

DeSantis even had the three hosts of the Oscars mocking him on national television. 

Florida now a deep red state

And unlike other candidates, DeSantis had coattails. 

Republican Senator Marco Rubio was supposed to be in a competitive re-election contest against Democrat Rep. Val Demings. 

Instead, Rubio cruised to re-election by about 16.5 points. 

That is an incredibly rapid transition from purple state to one of the reddest states in the country in just four-short years – and he did so with conservative-populist governing. 

And while DeSantis soared like Maverick from Top Gun on election night, Donald Trump’s attempts to play kingmaker nosedived. 

Mixed results for the Trump train

Trump’s endorsement record looks good on paper, as he endorsed several dozens of candidates who were in no danger of losing. 

But his record in competitive House, Senate and Governor’s races was spotted at best – with Dr. Oz’s loss to a man who could barely form coherent sentences coming to the front of mind for most political onlookers. 

Trump is also being accused of leaving many of his endorsed candidates high and dry, as his MAGA Inc. PAC – which was the largest fundraiser on the Right this cycle – didn’t share much of the money with GOP candidates, keeping a large stash of cash on hand for Trump’s legal battles and the 2024 election. 

Now many pundits on the Right are jumping on the DeSantis bandwagon for the 2024 Presidential election. 

To be clear, DeSantis has not said he’s running as of yet, consistently maintaining his focus was on defeating Charlie Crist. 

However, the calls for a DeSantis Presidential bid are sounding – loudly.  

DeSantis 2024?

Steve Deace of The Blaze said what he saw from DeSantis in Florida reminded him of Ronald Reagan’s landslide victory in 1984. 

“(DeSantis) remade the most notorious swing state of two generations into a state redder than Texas,” Deace tweeted. “And he did it in about three years. How? Through strong, BUT EFFECTIVE, governance. He governs well. And he is very message disciplined. He doesn’t pick fights just to pick them, and he doesn’t threaten provocative actions that creates additional tension and divisiveness, but just does those provocative actions and makes the other side react. It’s almost as if he represents a new generation that more capably understands what works in this new era, because it is his time.”

The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro was also willing to criticize the former President when he found it appropriate, but also gave Trump credit when and where it was due. 

However, Shapiro is now soundly on DeSantis’ side. 

“The Republican leadership class, paralyzed by the Trump phenomenon, failed to provide any leadership at all . . . Except for DeSantis, who was a leader, an excellent candidate, and an organizer of his own party, leading to a Florida red tsunami,” Shapiro tweeted. 

Shapiro wasn’t the only one from the Daily Wire team trumpeting DeSantis.

The creator of the incredibly successful documentary, What is a Woman?, Matt Walsh put his pitch in very plain speak.

“DeSantis blew the competition away while much of the rest of the Republican Party underperformed,” Walsh tweeted. “What exactly is the argument against DeSantis 2024?”

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