Ron DeSantis being the most outspoken Republican Presidential candidate on this highly consequential topic could be a game-changer

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The 2024 Republican Primary is off to a hot start and Donald Trump is in the leading position.

The other candidates are left scrambling to figure out a way to cut into his lead with the right message.

And now Ron DeSantis being the most outspoken Republican Presidential candidate on this highly consequential topic could be a game-changer.

DeSantis accuses Biden of using radical economic policies to “advance his agenda”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently took part in an interview with Just the News’s John Soloman, and discussed “Bidenomics” as well as the future of the central bank system.

He slammed Biden for making Americans “pay more for everything” and using the economy to benefit the Left.

“They view the economy as a tool for them to advance their left-wing agenda,” Governor DeSantis said, citing the increase in energy prices as a “necessity” for the green agenda.

He said that Biden’s plan punishes “people that are going about it the right way” while giving others new entitlements.

Governor DeSantis said the economic policies of the Biden regime are what make President Biden so unpopular, and it’s showing in the polls.

“He doesn’t care about the average person,” DeSantis told Soloman. “What he cares about is being able to use the economy to advance his agenda.”

Then, the two went onto discuss an even bigger threat than “Bidenomics.”

He says that “cash is king” and vows to kill CBCDs in America “on day one”

Soloman asked DeSantis what his thoughts were on countries, like Communist China, that are piloting digital currencies for their citizens.

The Florida Governor said that he couldn’t support the idea of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), but the woke extremist and World Economic Forum (WEF) types are “excited.”

He said that Democrats, along with their ruling class elite allies at the WEF, want to see a world where working class Americans are judged by ideologues and punished by central banks for not supporting the “correct” political opinions.

“They’ve said it publicly,” DeSantis explained. “[CBDCs] will allow them to block what they consider to be undesirable purchases like too much fuel… [and] too much ammunition.”

DeSantis said that if he’s elected, he’ll make sure that “on day one, central bank digital currency dies in this country.”

He added that he will put a stop to this “huge” infringement on our rights, and save cash from the radical Left.

“Cash is king,” DeSantis said. “It gives you independence.”

He said that if working class Americans want to maintain freedom, “we cannot go down that road.”

The Fed is delivering “suboptimal economic results” for Americans

DeSantis then took aim at the Federal Reserve system that props up only the most affluent.

“So, you had the financial crisis,” DeSantis pointed out. “And then the Fed does this quantitative easing. And that is supposed to be some kind of like an aberration, a crisis thing. Then that became the norm.”

He explained that quantitative easing only delivered “suboptimal economic results” for “average people.”

On the opposite side “people that have assets” will see those assets inflated, meaning the richest people in America “do very well with quantitative easing.”

DeSantis believes that the economic response to COVID has been a “disaster,” and that the Fed knew that “there was gonna be inflation,” but pretended it was only “transitory.”

He said that the Fed should remember that they have a mandate to “maintain price stability” and are not “economic planners.”

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