Robert Kennedy Jr. made Howie Mandel look like a total fool after he dismantled the COVID narrative with straight facts

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Democrats’ faithfulness for their political idols is both impressive and scary. 

But thankfully we have people like Robert Kennedy Jr. to smash their idols into a million pieces. 

And Robert Kennedy Jr. made Howie Mandel look like a total fool after he dismantled the COVID narrative with straight facts.

Progressivism is a religion

Your political beliefs are only going to go as far as you are willing to push them. 

So it’s no shocker that the party with the most political will is the party that generally wins the battle at the end of the day. 

And unfortunately for America, the party with the most political will are Democrats. 

But when you think about why that is, it all makes sense. 

Republicans, at least most of them, believe that they follow God, not government, so they are willing to put in more time and effort fulfilling the Word of God. 

Democrats on the other hand, believe in a religion where government is their god.

So Democrats are willing to do anything and everything they can to promote their religious dogma that they must do anything feasible to build up the power of government. 

And like most Christians are willing to go the extra mile to protect their religious tenets, Democrats are willing to put all their time and energy into protecting their tenets of Big Government, limited rights, gun control, and abortion-on-demand. 

It’s no wonder why Democrats were so obsessed with the jab. 

They lined up to get the jab like it was their Euchirst.

And for those who refused to get the jab or questioned its effectiveness, they were treated as infidels to their COVID cult. 

But now that we all know how big of a scam the jabs were, the COVID cult is denying that they repeatedly lied straight to the American people’s faces.

Kennedy scolds Howie Mandel

And woke extremist actor Howie Mandel tried to do this to the American people right in front of Robert Kennedy Jr. 

But the Independent Presidential candidate was having none of it. 

Mandel had Kennedy on his podcast, Howie Mandel Does Stuff, and the conversation eventually turned to the efficacy of COVID vaccines.

Kennedy stated the hard fact that Pfizer’s own data showed that the vaccine couldn’t stop transfer of COVID, or even to keep you from getting the virus. 

But Mandel was having none of it, and immediately jumped at what he thought was a chance to “expose” RFK and others who speak the truth.

“That’s a misnomer,” Mandel claimed. “100% effective in as far as… because I saw people on the news going ‘well, I got the vaccine, I still got COVID.’ They never said you won’t get COVID; they just said that it’ll kind of pull back the severity of it.”

And when Kennedy tried again to prove the point that the vaccine wasn’t effective by quoting facts directly from Pfizer’s own data, Mandel again came unhinged.

“Effective for what?” Mandel exclaimed. “You can’t use the word effective.”

“You remember they kept saying it’s 100% effective,” Kennedy shot back, but Mandel still denied that anyone ever claimed that the vaccine was effective at stopping you from getting the virus, even though so-called “public health experts,” President Joe Biden, and many others did so repeatedly.

As Mandel continued to deny that Democrats pushed the vaccine as 100% effective against COVID, RFK offered to show clips in which Democrats’ media allies specifically claimed that the vaccine was nearly supernatural. 

But Mandel and his crew refused to let Kennedy expose all the lies Democrats have told themselves live on air.

We need more of this level of confrontation in order to break the COVID cult.

Would you consider voting for Robert Kennedy Jr for President?