Robert F. Kennedy Jr. made a promise about Dr. Anthony Fauci that will make you stand up and cheer

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Robert F. Kennedy’s primary challenge to Joe Biden continues to make Democrats nervous.

He is raising issues that the media would prefer remain out of sight.

And Robert F. Kennedy Jr. made a promise about Dr. Fauci that will have you cheering like crazy.

Rovery F. Kennedy entered the Democrat Presidential Primary race as an outspoken critic of President Joe Biden’s COVID mandates.

There is apparently still a sliver – as small as it may be – of Democrat voters who have retained some level of sanity, as Kennedy is polling at a stronger-than-expected 20%, and could very well deal Biden embarrassing defeats in the New Hampshire primary and Iowa caucuses thanks to the President’s decision to boycott those critical early states because he believes too many white voters live there.

In an interview with Fox News’ Jesse Watters, Kennedy blasted Dr. Anthony Fauci for pushing unscientific, authoritarian restrictions that contributed to unnecessary COVID deaths.

“We only have 4.2% of the globe’s population, but we had 16% of the COVID deaths in this country and that was from bad policy,” Kennedy began. “There are countries that did the opposite of what we did that provided Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, other early treatments to their populations and had 1/200th of our death rate.”

Lockdowns were never part of a pandemic plan in the U.S., or accepted medical practice, prior to COVID.

Kennedy ripped Fauci and other so-called “public health experts” for creating a herd mentality surrounding lockdowns and other policies they knew were harmful, but went along anyway out of fear or being criticized.

“There are many things we did wrong in our country and some of those were I would say – some of the things that were done by health officials at that time, that they knew they would be harmful,” Kennedy added.

Finally, Kennedy promised that if Dr. Fauci committed a crime, he would face prosecution.

“If there were crimes that Fauci committed, of course, I would tell the Attorney General to prosecute him, not hold off,” Kennedy concluded.

Many conservatives – as well as scientists, like Rutgers University’s Dr. Richard Ebright – believe Dr. Fauci was not truthful in his testimony to Congress when he claimed the U.S. government never funded gain of function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, despite personally giving American tax dollars allocated to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases to the Chinese lab for that specific purpose.

New evidence helps explain Dr. Fauci’s alleged deception.

The latest intelligence shows researchers in the Wuhan lab were essentially patient zero for COVID-19.

And the best evidence points in the direction that scientists in the Wuhan lab conducted experiments – paid for by U.S. tax dollars – that created the strain of the coronavirus that eventually leaked out into the world.

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