RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel is on the hot seat and sputtering for answers after her failures were finally exposed

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Last Tuesday voters from Virginia to Ohio hit the polls to cast their votes in a number of local and state elections. 

For the most part, Republicans lost big yet again and many are demanding answers and accountability from the GOP’s so-called “leadership” as voters begin to look towards 2024. 

But RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel is on the hot seat and sputtering for answers after her failures were finally exposed.

Republicans continue to struggle to win elections

Despite taking back the House, the 2022 Midterms did not go as planned for Republicans to say the least. 

Many political experts predicted a so-called “Red Wave” was on the horizon, but on Election Day, many pro-infanticide and never-Trump radicals showed up in force, preventing the GOP from taking the Senate and only gaining a small majority in the House. 

Last Tuesday, voters in Virginia and Ohio went to the polls to vote in state elections, and for a number of ballot initiatives. 

In Virginia, Democrats gained seats in the House of Delegates, and retained control of the Senate, giving them power of the Virginia General Assembly. 

And in Ohio, voters approved a measure codifying the so-called “right to abortion.”

These defeats have Republicans demanding answers, especially from Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel. 

At Wednesday night’s GOP debate, Presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy took aim at McDaniel.

“We have to have accountability in our party,” Ramaswamy said. “For that matter, Ronna, if you want to come on stage tonight, you want to look the GOP voters in the eye and tell them you resign, I will yield my time to you.”

Others have called for her resignation including conservative activist Laura Loomer, who wrote on X that “TheGOP isn’t ready for 2024.  And they have chosen to not be ready by design. They would rather watch America fall than help Trump and Trump endorsed candidates get into office. @GOPChairwoman must resign.” 

Former Fox News contributor Monica Crowley similarly tweeted, “What, exactly, does Ronna McDaniel do, besides lose?  The only thing she SHOULD do is RESIGN.  Effective immediately.”

Following the debate on Wednesday, McDaniel told reporters that she has no plans to resign anytime soon.

“I’m not running for anything,” McDaniel claimed in typical unelected ruling class elite fashion. “So let’s focus on Joe Biden and beating the Democrats. That’s what I’m going to do.”

The future of the Republican Party is in jeopardy

The bottom line is that the current Republican Party, and its “leadership,” are not effective at winning elections, which is literally their only purpose. 

Democrats have effectively energized and mobilized their voters, while Republicans have stayed at home or failed to rally behind effective candidates. 

Like everything in American politics these days, former President Donald Trump looms over everything Republicans do, and if they fail to support him in 2024, then the Republican Party will become even more fractured, making victory even more difficult. 

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