RINOs everywhere are in tears after Megyn Kelly dropped one truth bomb about Donald Trump

Screenshot via Youtube, NBC News

The Republican ruling class elites are going all-in to stop Donald Trump in 2024.

But the Washington, D.C. Swamp just found out some bad news.

And RINOs everywhere are in tears after Megyn Kelly dropped one truth bomb about Donald Trump.

Former President Donald Trump plans to skip at least the first GOP Presidential primary debate slated for August 23 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Trump believes he has the Republican Presidential nomination locked up and that Fox News is biased against him, so he has decided there is no reason for him to take part in the actual Primary process.

But one of his biggest cheerleaders, former Fox News host Megyn Kelly, disagrees.

Kelly explained to listeners of her podcast that she has firsthand experience moderating debates Trump took part in – as if everyone forgot her 2016 fiasco – and due to the sheer entertainment value he brings, she believes he has to “give the people what they want.”

“I can see the other side too though, because it’s almost like — give the people what they want,” Kelly stated. “They love him, they adore him, his fans. He’s great on the debate stage. I mean, I’ve sat out there on the opposite end of the guy, you know, 12 feet away watching him do his thing and wondered how will this play? How will this play?”

Kelly added that Trump’s ability to perform on stage allowed him to cross lines no one else could ever cross because he was able to do it in a way that made the audience laugh.

“We were on the stage in Michigan together and he was making reference to the size of his manhood,” Kelly added. “I was like, well, that’s a first. I’ve done a bunch of these debates. I’ve never seen that happen. They ate it up. He’s entertaining. He’s clever.”

But Kelly warned that debates aren’t just fun and games for the former President, pointing out the various establishment hacks he’s churned up and spit out.

“Remember the Jeb Bush?” Kelly asked. “‘Oh, more energy. I like that.’ That was the end of Jeb Bush. He ended Jeb Bush in one sentence. So he’s got, you know, if he shows, there’s some danger to the other candidates, because while he doesn’t necessarily need it to boost his own numbers everybody talks about how Chris Christie’s gonna take down Trump. That’s not gonna happen. But he could take down Chris Christie.”

“I mean, Trump has the ability to absolutely stab you in the heart, rhetorically on the debate stage, and you never fight again. So I could see some reasons for him to do it as well,” she concluded.

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