RINO Asa Hutchinson wanted to crawl in a hole and hide after he made a total fool of himself at one recent event

Asa Hutchinson, former Director of the Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. Representative, and Governor of Arkansas. Public Domain via Flickr

It seems Asa Hutchinson hates the working-class, America First movement so much that he’s willing to waste millions of dollars on a failed Presidential campaign.

But despite truly pathetic polling and negative press, he continues to press on.

And now RINO Asa Hutchinson wanted to crawl in a hole and hide after he made a total fool of himself at one recent event.

Can’t even garner 1% in the polls

RINO Presidential candidate Asa Hutchinson has spent his entire campaign attacking former President Donald Trump and other conservatives, and he’s still not letting up. 

In October, when plea deals in the Fulton County case against Trump started hitting the news, the former Arkansas Governor began to celebrate.

Hutchinson slammed the former President over claims that “the criminal cases against him are ‘election interference,’” and said that “Trump’s bravado works with the voters until the truth is undeniable.”

“Trump’s day of reckoning is coming,” Hutchinson insisted.

But there’s nothing the no-shot Presidential candidate can do to change his abysmal polling numbers. 

Trump has held a comfortable lead in Republican Primary polling from the start of the election cycle, while Hutchinson can’t even manage to garner 1% in every single poll.

Now, the former Governor made a huge mistake while speaking to voters at the Florida Freedom Summit.

This is what Asa expects for Trump

The Florida GOP held their Freedom Summit in Kissimmee over the weekend, which featured guest speakers like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), and Trump.

To no one’s surprise, Hutchinson was the opening speaker at 10:30 in the morning – no need to waste a primetime time slot on someone no one wants to hear from – while Trump was the final speaker of the night.

When the former Governor took the stage, he touted his “25 years as a federal prosecutor… defending some of the most serious federal criminal cases.”

Hutchinson then made a prediction that no one in the convention was ready to hear. 

“I can say that there is a significant likelihood that Donald Trump will be found guilty by a jury on a felony offense,” Hutchinson claimed.

The RINO went on to say that it “may or may not happen” before Republican voters begin heading to the polls in March.

“And it might not make any difference to you, but it will make a difference for our chances to attract independent voters in November,” he added. “It will make a difference for those down-ticket races for Congress and Senate.”

Then he heard exactly what he expected.

“Go home!”

People in the room started booing him loudly, and one person could be heard yelling, “Go home!”

Hutchinson battled against the crowd’s boos as he claimed that “the next generation will not look favorably back on this time.”

As if the public humiliation at the Freedom Summit wasn’t enough, he then proceeded to post that exact segment to his own social media page as if he was proud of being completely embarrassed publicly.

“Please listen to this message I delivered to the Florida GOP,” Hutchinson begged in a post on X. “If you agree with me then go to Asa2024.com and support with a $20.24 contribution.”

The responses to his post didn’t hold back any punches either.

“If you want to waste your money, give it to Hutchinson,” one user wrote. “He doesn’t even have a 1% chance of winning the primary.”

Another user asked if there has “ever been a more swampy money launderer than Asa?”

Asa Hutchinson got exactly what he deserved all along — a total rejection of his ruling-class elite nonsense.

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