Riley Gaines celebrated two major victories in Nebraska that have the woke left-wing outrage mob ready to riot again

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Woke extremists want to change the way everyone in America views biological sex.

They are pushing insane policies that will ultimately result in actual women being pushed out of their spaces.

Now Riley Gaines celebrated two major victories in Nebraska that have the woke left-wing outrage mob ready to riot again.

Big win for actual women’s rights

A huge win was just passed down to the actual women fighting back against woke extremist efforts that are threatening their sports and personal spaces every day.

Nebraska Republican Governor Jim Pillen signed Executive Order 23-16, which establishes a “Women’s Bill of Rights.”

According to the Executive Order, there are “biological differences between the sexes,” and that should “warrant the creation of separate social, educational, athletic, or other spaces to ensure safety and/or to allow members of each sex to succeed and thrive.”

The common-sense policy defines each sex by biological standards, which are determined by sex at birth.

It stipulates that biological sex is based on whether the person has ova – which are defined as “mature female reproductive cells, especially of a human or other animal, which can divide to give rise to an embryo usually only after fertilization by a male cell” – or is developed to fertilize ova.

It even stands up for words like “mother” and “father,” ascribing them to members of the appropriate biological sex.

This is a major win for women’s rights activists, like Riley Gaines, who have been leading the fight across the country.

Three days is all it took

Gaines, a former champion female swimmer at the University of Kentucky, was there when the Governor made the announcement, and she went on to celebrate the move on social media.

“Met with Governor Pillen about signing an EO on the Women’s Bil of Right on 8/27,” Gaines wrote. “[And] Gov Pillen signed an EO on the Women’s Bil of Rights on 8/30.”

“THAT is leadership,” she added, applauding the Republican Governor for taking up the Independent Women’s Voice’s proposal.

A Women’s Bill of Rights will protect “nearly 1 million Nebraskan women,” Gaines said.

People might think it’s an uphill battle, but Gaines said this policy is a sign that “the tide is turning” in favor of women’s rights.

But the Executive Order wasn’t the only big thing that happened for women in Nebraska on August 30.

University of Nebraska sets world record for most attended female sporting event

The University of Nebraska set a world record this week for “the largest crowd to witness a women’s sporting event.”

The school’s women’s volleyball game drew over 92,000 spectators to Nebraska football’s Memorial Stadium, and even surpassed a professional soccer match between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.

The University of Nebraska volleyball game was a paid event, and after it sold out some tickets were sold for as much as $400 on secondary markets.

“It was incredible,” Nebraska volleyball players Andi Jackson said. “I don’t have enough words to describe it.”

“We were walking out of the tunnel after the second set, and we heard on the speaker we had just broken the world record,” she added. “Everyone was trying to stay locked in, but we were all so excited.”

Gaines chimed in on the success saying “On the same day Nebraska has the most attended women’s sporting event ever🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹.”

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