Republicans are warning of a catastrophic supply chain crisis sparked by these major disruptions

Americans have been dealing with price increases and inventory shortages on basic necessities for the past couple years. 

It may seem like we’re finally getting to the point where prices and the availability of goods are normalizing – but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Now Republicans are warning of a catastrophic supply chain crisis sparked by these major disruptions.

Americans facing total calamity with looming diesel shortage and possible rail strike

Americans are continuing to struggle with increases at the pump and the grocery store – now the situation is about to get much worse.

Bryan Steil, a Republican Representative from Wisconsin is warning Americans that the supply chain could be facing two new pain points very soon – a diesel shortage and a railway strike.

In September, the U.S. was faced with a strike of nearly 115,000 rail workers and it threatened to shut down a large swath of commerce across the country.

In an interview, Steil recalled, “Biden told us that he had this all under control, and the trains would be running on time.”

But it’s coming out that Biden merely struck a tentative deal that prevented workers from striking until after the midterm elections. 

Steil explained, “it’s another game where the Biden administration has kicked the can down the road and kicked it past this election.”

Biden put politics before the people in “tentative deal” to push railway strike until after Midterms

Americans should be concerned about this development as it could put a lot of pressure on an already weakened supply chain.

Steil said that Biden struck a deal that “was political in nature and will . . . possibly crumble after the election.”

The rail strike might be easier to handle if it were a lone issue that’s been waiting in the wings – but it’s not. 

According to Steil, “pretty much every light on the switchboard is flashing” when it comes to the economy. 

Right next to the looming rail crisis is a diesel shortage.

Diesel supply is down 31% from same time in 2020 and it will make cost of goods higher

Diesel fuel is a highly consequential material good for the supply chain issue. 

Right now, we’re at a historically low point for diesel on hand in the United States. 

According to Ed Hirs, a professor of energy economics at the University of Houston, if we were no longer to import or produce diesel, we would run out in about 25 days.

Gas Buddy’s energy expert, Patrick De Haan says this issue “will contribute to some level of inflation” and that as consumers “shop for the holidays, the cost of goods will be higher.”

Steil says that in order to fix the problem “we need to unleash American energy”

US Rep. Bryan Steil says that Americans have “got to be concerned. It’s one of the reasons we need to put a check on this administration.”

He says that all of these issues could have been avoided but “we have policies coming from Biden and Pelosi that are putting us in this position in the first place.”

Steil hopes that if the Republicans take hold of Congress “we need to unleash American energy.” 

He says that Biden shouldn’t be “going to Saudi Arabia to beg for the production of oil and natural gas” but instead “He should be going to West Texas. He should be going to North Dakota . . .”

As they head to the polls today, people across America should be asking – why did the Biden administration abandon US energy to prop up other nations?

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