Republicans are getting hype after the RNC just released its plan for the first primary debate

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The next six months could determine the fate of America.

And the American people are ready to witness a political fight no one will ever forget.

Republicans are getting hype after the RNC just released its plan for the first primary debate.

Everybody loves primary season

Anyone who’s been involved in Presidential politics knows that the country is headed into the most wonderful time of year for Presidential campaigns.

Before the General Election next November, Republicans and Democrats have to pick their candidate during the grueling primary process.

And as has been the case in the past, primaries can serve as history-altering events.

And this is especially true of the first few states on the Republican Presidential Primary schedule – Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.

During the 2020 election cycle, establishment Democrats made an unforgettable pivot and showed just how fast they can turn their machine against a candidate they don’t control, like Senator Bernie Sanders (Socialist-VT).

Likewise, in 2016, former President Donald Trump made a historic run for President that never would have happened if it wasn’t for his primary run.

Who could forget all of the one-liners Trump continuously dropped on former First Lady Hillary Clinton during their debates, like the time he told her he would throw her in jail?

Now, the Republican National Committee has made an announcement that has fans of what has become the sport of politics more excited than ever.

RNC sets the debate stage

In less than three months, fans of Team Republican will be treated to the first debate of the GOP Presidential Primary.

And with such a crowded field, the RNC has set a series of rules that will drastically cut the number of candidates allowed to participate in the first debate.

To be eligible for the debate, candidates must have at least 40,000 unique donors to their Presidential campaign committee, including “at least 200 unique donors per state or territory in 20+ states and/or territories.”

In addition, the candidate must have the support of at least 1% of Republican voters in three national polls, or have the support of at least 1% in two national polls and one early state poll.

And lastly, the GOP candidates must sign a pledge to support the Republican candidate once one has been chosen at next summer’s Republican National Convention.

The first debate is scheduled to air on Fox News on Wednesday Night, August 23rd.

The Republican Presidential debates were always bound to be must-see TV with two powerhouse candidates, like Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, squaring off, and now, they should be even more entertaining.

Of course, there are rumblings that Trump is considering sitting out all debates as he doesn’t believe he should have to take part in the Primary.

But in what will undoubtedly be a close race heading into Iowa, Donald Trump can’t afford to be sitting on the sidelines.

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