Republican candidate Tudor Dixon just exposed Gretchen Whitmer’s destructive policies

Among the authoritarian COVIDians, Michigan Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer was one of the worst. 

Her draconian lockdowns shuttered business and set back kids’ education. 

Now Republican candidate Tudor Dixon is exposing Gretchen Whitmer’s destructive policies.

Michigan is a swing state that seems to go back and forth between electing Republican and Democrat Governors.

Their current Governor, Gretchen Whitmer, has wreaked havoc on the state’s economy. 

Her heavy-handed COVID policies were especially disastrous. 

Recently, Whitmer’s Republican opponent took her to task in an interview with Breitbart.

During a televised debate, Whitmer lied and said that schools were only closed for three months, when in fact some were closed for over a year. 

She also called Whitmer out for closing down restaurants, many of which went out of business due to COVID lockdowns. 

Dixon said, “Whitmer shut everything down over and over again, and she had restaurants closed down for eight months in the state of Michigan. We lost 3,000 restaurants. We still lose restaurants every single day. There are whole towns that have been destroyed by the shutdown.”

Doing the teachers unions’ bidding

Dixon explained that Whitmer shut down schools for a year because that’s what the teachers unions wanted her to do. 

“We know that the choice was to lock kids out of school because that was what the teachers unions wanted,” she said. “It’s ridiculous to think that Democrats are saying, ‘Give us a pass and reelect us, even though we damaged the education system to a point that we can barely get back, and we have zero plan to get kids back on track,” Dixon said.

Dixon rightfully pointed out that now the teachers unions and their Democrat allies expect us to just forgive them for what they did during COVID. 

Recently, the head of the American Federation for Teachers tweeted an article from The Atlantic saying we should declare amnesty for all of the awful behavior from the alarmists during COVID.

Dixon noted that the teachers unions don’t care that kids in Detroit have a 90% illiteracy rate and that 60% of Michigan 3rd graders failed reading and writing. 

Whitmer is a liar

Dixon also called out the Whitmer administration for underreporting COVID deaths in long-term care facilities. 

A report from Michigan’s Auditor General found that the number of deaths were 30% higher than what Whitmer’s administration reported. 

Dixon also noted that Whitmer’s policies are driving the auto manufacturing industry, a key part of the state’s economy, to relocate to more business friendly Republican-controlled states.

Ford is now spending $11 billion to build plants in Kentucky and Tennessee.  

“Michigan is losing automotive, and it’s just a sign of how we treat businesses in general. You’ve got Ford and GM saying . . . it’s just too hard to do business in the state. We have a regulatory system that is out of control. It is crushing the automotive industry, and it’s crushing all of our smaller businesses, as well,” Dixon said.

With all the harm Whitmer is done to the state, we can hope voters remember when they head to the polls on Tuesday.

Who will win the Michigan Governor’s race?