Reports are already suggesting that Deion Sanders is preparing to abandon Colorado for one powerhouse program no one saw coming

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Prime Time mania in college football continues.

But it just reached a level many thought impossible.

And now reports are already suggesting that Deion Sanders is preparing to abandon Colorado for one powerhouse program no one saw coming.

Deion Sanders has all the momentum

When you have the momentum in sports anything is possible.

Whether it’s the New England Patriots coming back from a 28-3 deficit late in Super Bowl LI to defeat the Atlanta Falcons or the U.S. hockey team’s 1980 “Miracle on Ice,” when a team or player has momentum on their side, great things can happen.

And the same can apparently be said for coaches now too, because Pro Football Hall of Famer turned University of Colorado head football coach Deion Sanders has more momentum behind him than anyone has ever seen.

This time last year, Sanders was in the lowest level of Division 1 college football, leading a Jackson State team few even knew existed before his arrival in the Football Championship Subdivision.

But now, four weeks into the 2023 college football season, Sanders has quickly taken the Power Five by storm at Colorado, becoming the most talked about college football coach in recent memory.

And with that buzz and hype comes opportunities to take your coaching career to the next level.

Prime Time to the NFL?

Some have speculated that Sanders may very well become a candidate for open NFL head coaching jobs at the conclusion of Colorado’s season – which again, is only four weeks old, and his first at the school.

But according to Fox Sports college football analyst Joel Klatt, Sanders could care less about making his way back to the NFL.

“He’s not going to the NFL,” Klatt told The Herd with Colin Cowherd last week. “I don’t know if he’s gonna be at Colorado for sure. I can’t say that, but he’s not going to the NFL.”

“Deion doesn’t want to coach in the NFL,” he added. “He’s told me that point-blank to my face. He believes that his role is more as a mentor. He loves coaching kids, and this is where he feels called. In fact, the word that he used with us in our meeting — and you’ll know this because he’s very forward about his faith — he believes this is his ministry. To be there for kids in college. Be a father figure to kids in this moment in their life.

Only time will tell whether or not Sanders will feel the same way should an NFL team decide to make him an offer – even with his early success at Colorado, like most college athletic departments, they likely won’t be able to match that kind of payday.

But of course, Sanders already made tens of millions of dollars prior to beginning his coaching career, and may very well not be swayed by an NFL payday the same way others would be.

Plus, it’s difficult to see him jumping to the NFL any time soon when he’s currently coaching two of his sons at Colorado.

So don’t plan on seeing Deion Sanders head to an NFL team anytime soon.

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